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Hello guys, if anyone would like to review my story I would I appreciate it a lot <3 Feel free to write down your opinions!
Name: Beneath Us
Author: @TroubleMindFullSoul
Summary: Alexandra Grayson is sure her life will get better after she decides to go to Boston for a school exchange, leaving behind her lifestyle in Mexico for a year seems the best option to take a break from all of her problems. Suddenly, she ends up in the same place as some acquaintances from years ago, two boys and their sister that will make her year memorable.

A new friendship.

One attraction.

One love.

Promising herself a fresh start, she will need to overcome her fears and put her constant demons aside, but wounds are still fresh and everyone knows how emotions can be nothing less than a time bomb. In the middle of her chaos she will have to learn to trust her heart and, with the help of someone, let go and live.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/169060607-beneath-us
Genre: TeenFiction, Romance


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Name of Book: The Secret of the Waves
Author/Name: -oceanwriter-
Short Summary: Popular, pretty, and smart, Pearl’s life has been a breeze. That is, until she takes a shower and finds a mermaid tail…
Link to book: It won’t let me post a link because I’m a new user :frowning:
Genre: Fantasy/teen-fic
Thank you so much!


Name of Book: Record Store Blues
Author/Name: @bluecarraway
Short Summary: It’s 1984 - the teenage world is a dangerous concoction of sex, drugs and MTV. But for Marla, it goes something like good grades, friendship bracelets and one too many Tom Cruise posters.
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/662031824-record-store-blues-steve-harrington-chapter-1
Genre: Fanfic (Doesn’t require knowledge of Stranger Things at all!)


Name of book: lovely interests
Authors name: @Minnie_3255
Short summary: Almost every year they play love interests in in the school play. What happens when their characters feelings begin to merge with their own?
Link to book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168600870-lovely-interests
Genre: teen fiction

I only have one chapter out so far but I wanted to get an opinion on how it’s going so far.


Title: Adventures of Prince Vajendra

Genre: Fantasy

Meet Prince Vajendra, aka the so-called spiritual Rishi of the continent of Vishaputra, a flat earth. He’s a man not interested in saving the world, but having his own adventures. A man that can talk with Gods, deal with flying airships, throw exploding bombs into the air. He must retrieve the powers that an evil Pharoah, named Nahakasha has taken from him. This story goes into a series of episodic sub-plots more than an overarching story.

Which chapter: 1 for start, see how you like it!


In terms:
My story has minimal sexual content, but very very minor. Like not even much, there is some cuss words in it - but its nothing major.

Give your honest reaction, did it pull you, do put in reactions, like what you comment I mean do everything you would. Give your honest opinion and yeah.


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Hey, sorry to bother you but I was wondering something. Some time ago I commented my story on here and you asked if it was okay if you reviewed only a couple chapters (which was fine with me). But after that I never heard back from you if it was denied, accepted, or anything. I was wondering what the status was on that.


Name of Book: Ache : Anthology
Author/Name: @-blackrogue / alexa
Short Summary: it’s a compilation of short poems and letters made by me.
Link to Book: (apparently i can’t post a link but it’s in my profile)
Genre: Poetry

hi! i would love it if you just read the latest chapters~ thank you so much in advance for this!