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Apply with:
Name of Book: Rebirth of an idol
Author/Name: Momocatt
Short Summary:His name was Kim Yeung Min, a semi popular idol, who died a most tragic death. He has been reborn 50 years later into the body of someone who had an even more tragic life than his. Watch as he get revenge and become the greatest idol in Korea.
Link to Book: Rebirth of an Idol
Genre: General fantasy
Number of Chapters: 6- ongoing (not counting the Disclaimer or glossary)


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At least 1% of the teens in Asphodel are estimated to be what, for a lack of a better word, we might call ‘heroes’… some find their calling in dreams, others take portals to other worlds, and perhaps most dangerously, a few face sinister, supernatural evil within our own version of Earth. Whatever their quest, when it’s all over, these people, known as Extras, tend to have trouble reintegrating into a decidedly not super world… and parents and siblings have trouble readjusting to their changed loved ones. Class 63 may offer a reprieve from the tumultuous outside world, but as tensions rise within the classroom, the Extras of the Class of 202X may find that the hardest battles are fought after the war is over.
Science-Fiction/Fantasy (Light, light, light sci-fi?)


I’ll read a couple chapters, if that’s ok! I’ll let you know when finished.


Name of Book: The Gift Of Immunity
Author/Name: @LaurenSilvey

Short Summary: Sixteen-year-old Zara hasn’t seen another living soul in six months. She thought she was the only one left in London. She was wrong.
Fighting to survive with dwindling food supplies, rebel terrorist groups seeking revenge and the constant feeling of being watched, Zara sets a plan in motion to disappear.
She isn’t prepared for the web of lies, conspiracy, and deceit which begin to unravel along the way.

Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/140094333-the-gift-of-immunity
Genre: Science Fiction

Thankyou in advance btw! Always good to hear a critique! :slight_smile:


Name of Book: Whatever Souls Are Made Of
Author/Name: Nora Politano (@italychick)
Short Summary: Of soulmates, schemes, and inconvenient loves. Or, Sam’s soulmate is in love with her best friend, so she dates his worst enemy. It made sense at the time.
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163136565-whatever-souls-are-made-of
Genre: Teen fiction with a dash of fantasy


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The Sunrise Chasers
Greta Sloan

A young woman grieving the recent death of her boyfriend finds out he was cheating on her the whole time- and she finds out in the worst way. Humiliated, she embarks on a road trip across the southwest United States with an unexpected companion…thesunrise


YA Romance


Ok! I’ll read it and let you know :slight_smile:


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Name of Book: (may you) always be breathtaking
Author/Name: viitasaari
Short Summary: michael clifford is dying. he finds refuge in the youth center by his home, the only place that makes him feel like he’s more than just ‘cancer’. there he meets luke hemmings, whom he falls in love with. michael struggles with keeping the two biggest parts of his life apart.
Link to Book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167082207-may-you-always-be-breathtaking-muke
Genre: fanfiction


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Hello there! Any sort of feedback is always welcome!

St. Vladimir’s School for Troubled Girls

(At least that’s my wattpad username. The name written on the cover is Cassidy Steltzer)

Temperance MacKenzie has been dealing with declining health for a few months now. After getting into a fist fight, she is transferred to St. Vladimir’s School for Troubled Girls to correct her behavior. Her second day there, someone at the Academy dies. More students die and due to contracts, the headmaster cannot let anyone go home yet. Temperance forms a bond with the mysterious headmaster when they team up to find a serial killer who has invaded the school.


Vampire, romance, horror

(This book does contain mature content.)


I’ll read it and let you know :slight_smile: