I'll write you a sucky poem


Hi kids!
I’m in the poem-y mood, and thought this could be fun. Tell me about something and I’ll write you a short poem about it! Or about you! Drop a sentence, or a short paragraph, or your name- anything!

Disclaimer: I don’t usually write rhyming poems. AND I’m in no way saying I’m a good poet. In fact, I said in the title that I’m sucky.
Y’all been warned.


This low-key sounds fun. I’m ready. XD
As for my name: April
What you should know: I’m a quirky/dorky book loving girl, full of sass, who never stops writing, listening to music, admiring aesthetics, and aspiring for things bigger than her size (literally). This should be interesting, have fun!


She is April
The sound of rain
And sunlight
A trickling stream
That leads into rapids
Her eyes are hungry
Her soul moreso
The air around her
Smells of newly fallen passion
She is April
And all that April is
Showers, and flowers,
And springtime in flesh
Her fingers drip ink
Her footsteps are melodies
She is April in being
And April is she



Omg, I’m so keeping this. Thank you!! :joy::joy::joy:

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or throw it in a fire?

Np! <3


Lmao, no way! I love it! XD


write one about wattpad but describe them as a person

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Oh my goooossshhhh why XD

fine I friggin do it.

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Is wattpad male or female XD Nvm i definitely know


Comedic poem about trying to win the Watty’s 2019? I think that would be hilarious, haha.

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Her hands are vises
And I am her project
Her grip is relentless
And it suffocates me
No rest
No relief
I’m stuck in her hold
She laughs at my capture
She knows what she does
I want to escape her
And, yet, if she freed me
I would stay

Her sunset hair burns my eyes
Her silent watching unnerves me
She has voices in her head
I’ve met just a few
And, though, she is sick
And she
Stutters stutters stutters
I pray that this day
No, this day
She’ll get better

I’m trapped by this woman
Aglow with harsh light
I’m a voluntary servant
Ensnared in inked walls
Will this spirit release me?
I wonder each day
I know the answer
Her voices know, too
And if we’re all being honest:
This woman is my tomb


How dare you say this is shitty poetry? :joy: This is very obviously extremely good poetry, and it’s kinda insulting to the untalented to not simply claim that truth that anyone can see, lmao.


Focus , desire
Determination, and drive
Words that all mean
You must fight to survive

The jungle is wicked
The creatures here, sly
If you don’t take your own life
They surely will try

The masses are ravenous
Though they provide sacrifice
Praying and grovelling
For the gods to provide

Their mouths are gaping
Their claws, extended
The thought of gold sustenance
Cannot begin to quench them

The gods are pensive
As they leer down at the broken
From the sky parts the clouds
And descends a small token

One small vulture is fed
And the frenzy is heightened
The creatures all hiss
As their stomachs each tighten

The jungle roars
In collective distaste
Each wondering why
Their sacrifice did not take

The cycle repeats, and
The vulture, now fed,
Will not be so lucky
At this next year’s end


Ur sweet! <3
As I said. Don’t usually write ryhming poetry. But whoomp there it is.






A poem bout the dark? XD

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write about ferrets


Y’all really out here trollin’ me

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In the dark
My heart lies open
Flayed and torn
Beating a shallow rhythm

In the dark
Fingers caress my fears
Draw them from their cage
And pull them deeper down

In the dark
There is snarling and biting and rage
From an animal
I can call by name

In the dark
I hear whispers
From somewhere so close
I can almost recite their curses myself

In the dark
I see a reflection
Gnarled and mangled
And so beautifully familiar

In the dark
I am afraid
Of nothing
But myself