I'll write you a sucky poem



And fro

And right
We go

We don’t
Have time
To take
It slow

For ferrets
Is all
We know

Sorry, I actually kinda don’t like ferrets tbh. Don’t know if they run a lot. Here’s a shitty poem. Bye.


I really like your poems :smile::heart::heart::heart:


Thanks! :slight_smile: <3

don’t tell the admins I’m tellin’ you this outside of the SYS threads but… I got a book of poetry. Shhhh you didn’t hear it from me ;]


What were you saying again XD


My name is Victoria. I’m the friendliest and most open-minded person you’ll ever meet. I’m emphatic, a great listener, great humor and silly beyond words. I’ve been told my laugh is contagious and that they always feel at ease when they’re with me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Write about a boy who’s afraid and can’t show it! :smiley: I haven’t seen any poems on that topic, I’m interested to see what you come up with <3


Could you do a poem about a guy trying to tell his best friend he loves her since the day she kissed him on a dare :joy:


@S-Ingrate @EmpressPenguin. You got it, kids. Gimme a minute

or, like, an hour T_T


What? I didn’t say anything


shut up, they’ll hear you!!




Exactly. Didn’t say aaaanything. >_>


XD Didn’t say anything… what you talking bout?


It’s no coincidence
That her name
Is nearly victorious
She uses happiness
Like oxygen
And breathes out
Only love
Her tongue only knows
The language of peace
And each syllable she utters
Is laughter and joy
On fluttering wings
Of beaming sunlight
She spreads herself
Like cleansing rain
On drought-ridden fields
Her name
So close to victory
Wins every heart
She touches


Love it! Stealing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s now on my profile bio. Credit is given of course. Thanks!


If they knew, would they tell him,
“Be brave. Stand tall.
If you don’t live for courage,
Why live at all?”

“A man isn’t weak
A man knows no fear
Pick up your shield, son,
Pick up your spear.”

“War is your inheritance
And it marches for your door
Why do you cower?
Where is your roar?”

If they knew of his fear
Of his reluctance to fight
Would they open their eyes
Or cast him from their sight?

Do they know of the monster
That war does not bring?
The one in his mind
Whose bite more than stings?

Would they ever help him
To fight back the beast?
Would they cage up the creature,
Or leave it to feast?

Could they help him be brave?
Could they help him be strong?
Or for all other soldiers
Does the war just march on?

Surely the monster
Has more than one host
But if that is the case
He may never know


Totally not stealing, I’m giving it to you!
I’m genuinely honored that you’d do that :[ so sweet, thank you!




do me do me


that’s absolutely perfect?/ in every way?? and it even rhymes?? I though you said you couldn’t do rhyming poetry but you can?? and it captures it so perfectly like Ajgkadsf

I bow down to you, please teach me how to write poetry


The day that they dared you
My world flipped around
What once was the ceiling
Is suddenly ground

I’m walking in circles
And all that my mind
Can find to focus on
Is your lips on mine

The grass above me,
The sky below
I’m wandering aimlessly
And all that I know

Is when you touched me so softly
When your hand brushed my cheek
My world all went topside
And now I can’t speak

Everything is shifting
And I can hardly even walk
And the hardest of all
Is I can barely even talk

My words come out jumbled
Adn ym lettres aer mixde up
Tell me, how’d you do that
With such a gentle touch?