I'll write you a sucky poem


That’s cheating ;] Just, write about you?


I never do rhyming poetry. But this thread got me doing mainly that haha. Idk what I’m doing! I’m just waiting for a real poet to show up and tell me to get lost hahaha


Well I’m a poet too but after seeing your poetry I guess I can’t really call myself that eh? XD


You absolutely can, and should still call yourself one!


I dunno, I don’t really feel qualified for much XD


I promise you can do it! Poetry is just emotion on a page! Write what you feel :smiley:

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@ISmokeAndMirrorsI Maybe you should join this contest?


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that’s the problem, it’s really hard to express how I feel
like if I’m angry I can’t find the words to express how angry I am and I just get angrier and delete it XD

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Idk about a contest! I’d only embarrass myself further T_T


Try thinking of objects that represent anger to you. That’s what I like to do…

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heheh I guess. Poetry’s like an addiction at this point because I can’t stop it and it’s the only way I know how to cope but it’s not healthy for me and only makes it worse XD I’m a perfectionist who hates everything he does regardless of whether it’s actually good or not. Ah well, your poetry is so much better than I could ever imagine ;w;

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Lol, you wouldn’t. It’s a small contest anyway. It’s a little creative fun. I’ve only just written my entry.


Don’t give up! Write about how sucky you feel like you are at poetry (i promiseyou aren’t sucky) or how mad you are, or how much you love your dog. Or ANYTHING. Just keep writing! You’ll improve, I promise!


Maybe I’ll consider it >_<

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okie! I’ve tried to write about how much I hate myself lol, but I can’t express that either, lol
I’ll try and keep writing, but it’s actually taking a huge toll on me and I’m wondering if it would be better for my health to stop

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Maybe take a break, then come back to it :]


It doesn’t hurt to try. Plus, it’s a little fun and different from the usual. :smile:


True! I’ll look into it this afternoon :] thank you!

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I’m looking forward to reading what you come up with if you join. :slight_smile:

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Thank you i love it, its a perfect add to my new story💘