I'll write you a sucky poem


I know right!


Absolutely! If you use it in your story, pleeasseee credit me, though? Thank youuuuu <3


Of course!

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Can you make a poem about how everyone criticizes my lack of height? owo

And be like “who cares she has love and affection to give!”

Also hi I’m Berry :hugs:

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:kissing_heart: Thank youuuu


Girl this poem comin straight from the heart. I got you.

5’0 at 23 whatchu meeeannnnnn?? T_T

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I’ve found someone like me! I’m 15 and 5’0 >-< Everyone always brings it up. It’s so embarrassinggg.

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Girl. Embrace it at this point. It’s your life now. There is no escape :[

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I know >-< Guess I’ll just have to wear 6 inch heels for the rest of my life hahaah.


Lol. When I do wear heels, thats pr much what I do lol

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Also, I see you complimenting me without sayin it to me. And I love you. Cool. Bye

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Here let me fix it…

To ISmokeAndMirrorsI

Your poems are wonderfully written. It doesn’t have all the rhyming skill set to make it perfect. You already made it perfect and soothing. If writing poems is what you desire, I’d say keep working on it!

Jesskya Bradbury

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Omg ur cute. You already gave me a compliment! Didn’t have to do it again T_T


Hey, I’m trying to find your profile on wattpad to follow but it doesn’t show up. Can you link it?

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There ya go! :]


Thanks! Followed you💙

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You’re a babe! Thank you! <3


No problem💙


Dear ISmokeAndMirrorsI

I love giving compliments and you’re cute too ^w^

Jesskya Bradbury

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Berry, Berry,
Short and merry
When will you ever

Your stature is tiny
Your height is a joke
And I could remark on your size
In but prose

But, yet your frame is so slight
You have such great might
When it comes to such things
As love

And those passing on the street
Though you are tiny and meek
Can feel your radiance like a ray
From above

In such a small person
Lies quite the large heart
And it beats like a drum
Loud and clear

This sweet little woman
Shakespearean phrased,
“Though she be but little,
She’s fierce.”

this one was tough!