I'll write you a sucky poem


Oh gosh! This was so pretttyyyyy. Thank you! :hugs: It’s wonderful. I love it.

Thank you thank youuuuu. Your poems are all very beautiful. :hugs::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! You’re sweet :slight_smile:

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I’ll save this poem and keep it forever! Thank you :hugs:

I hope more people will start checking out your poems.

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Thank you, love! <3 <3 <3

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a poem about the endless snow of alaska coming to…an end : /
general tone should be uplifting and freeing before crashing like a manic depressive
if you dont mind


You looking for that rhyming poetry or nah >_>

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A poem about poetry. Yes, its possible.

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TROLL. FINE. I’ll do it.


Heh I did that once that’s how bored I was lol


The sky is not falling
Thus my spirits are lifting
For the first time in eons
The snow has stopped drifting

Ashes and ashes
Scattered and smothering
Have enveloped this town
And for sun left us hungering

But now the flakes are a memory
As I step onto the battlefield
Where the bodies have piled
Where the assault has begun to yield

From above comes no sorrow
No wet, dripping pain
Our silent, stark master
Has all but been slain

My heart parts its lips
And prepares to sing praise
My fallen spirits are lifting
And start to join in refrain

Yet, as the first note resounds
And music begins lilting
The eyes of my heart
With tears begin filling

They watch with such anguish
As with wretched morose
An angel of war
Drifts down in white clothes

Her wings are so fragile
Her smile so deadly
I’m not able to speak-
For more war, I’m not ready

She leads a great charge
From on high, headed here
What their victory accomplishes
Is still so unclear

I fall to the ground
As the dead’s blood soaks my knees
When will this war be over?
Will ever I be free?


Too late. You got it


write a poem about me, love



I like this thread yay !

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If you still write poems here, I’d like you write a poem about me, please.
Name is Haifa
I write poetry and short stories
What else what else hmm I do paint and I like art


I luv you… biiitch.
I ain’t gonna never stop luvin’ you…biiiitch.

The end




Her eyes
Are all purity
White pupils
White irises
They see no darkness
And yet
Darkness is all she is
She moves in mystery
And desire
And love
And rage
She is a question
She is an answer
And though she searches
She is a map
Her lips speak passion
But she has no soul
She is a demon
Possessing my body
Using my hands
Abusing my mind
Her smirk is deadly
Her movements seductive
I push her away
But she draws me back
I beg at her feet
She is my temptress
And I am her vessel

@UniversallyIncorrect ayyy bb this one works for you, too ;]


just a poem, im simple, doesnt need to rhyme , just flow :smiley:

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and i am not disapointed, holy shit…thank you

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my ego = extremely inflated