I'll write you a sucky poem



<3 <3 <3 T_T thank youuuuu


You write the best poems :sob:


I know right! :sob::sob::sob: yet I’m jealous! And she claims they’re horrible… I’m here like… I CANT WRITE THEM MIRACULOUSLY! :sob::sob:


let us all praise smokey for her poetry skillz




I love you :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

@JesskyaBradbury and also you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




write about poptarts




Why. Do. You. Hate. Me T_T




Best best besttttt



It’s been a few hours and I’m feelin’ angsty. Hit me up with your poetry subjects, people.


Poem is written by poets
Dialogue is written by screenwriters
Illustration is illustrated by illustrators
And you beat all of these people
With the special gift you have
Don’t waste that gift on nonthing


poptars pls


Tomorrow :purple_heart:


write smth about me and Mr. Draco’s love for each other <3

Mr. Draco Dances for you <3


I’m sorry i know you didnt ask me but this popped into my head

he was a dragon
she was a girl
what they did in the sack
would make some people hurl
bag in
put one in the wagon
don’t ask me to repeat
cuz i wont say again




Oh so very