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This was a thread on the other forums that I loved, but it fell into the void, so I thought I’d attempt to bring it back here.

Have a question that’s a bit too weird to have on your Google history? Or maybe it’s just so strange and specific you can’t find an answer? Wondering about murder, decomposition, and whether or not eyeballs roll (seriously, I tried googling this unsuccessfully)? Pick the brains of other writers by asking it here!


Right when i had one.

If you kill someone and dump their body in the sea, will your DNA from grabbing them and throwing them in the sea be identifiable?


Mine was probably something similar to…

Can you die/break your neck with a bear trap?


Based on an article I found

  • If the traps are improperly set and not checked frequently, bears can suffer debilitating injuries such as broken limbs and teeth, cuts to mouth and gums, dislocated shoulders, lacerations, fractures and amputation of digits, paws or whole legs. They can suffer physiological stress and dehydration and are exposed to the elements.

So if a bear trap closes literally on your neck, then yes, it can break it? If it can break limbs, it can break necks. But you’d need to literally fall head first on it or something


From what I can see from a quick search, it really depends on how long the body is in the water before being found. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be likely, but I’m no expert.


In my first draft it was found the same afternoon. I could turn it to a day later & make the story be in the early 2000’s if that makes any difference :thinking:


Various things

When it comes to fighting scenes, I’ll Google things like: how much force does it take to break a person’s neck, or how to knock a man unconscious.

And then there’s the sicknesses: how long does it take before you die of lepracy or does eating a tumour make you sick etc

Compared to some others, these aren’t very strange, but my fellow students were quite puzzled when they hacked into my laptop and looked at my web history.


Oh, wow, I’m kinda dying over the “does eating a tumour make you sick” part there XD

I remember looking up similar questions concerning venom. I learned a lot, but my notes and seach history would probably freak people out.


Unfortunately I found no answer to that question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: