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You may be right. I don’t do many short story mags or anthologies, and the one’s I’ve done, I’ve had no problem with the rights they’ve asked for. I’m usually doing it for a charity of some sort. Like Unfettered which raised money to pay off Shawn Speakman’s medical debts.

When the publisher gives a listing to Amazon they indicate what markets it can be sold in. If they, for instance don’g have UK rights, that checkbox is left blank. Sometimes you’ll get an email from a reader saying something like, "Hey why can’t I buy your ebook in Singabpore? And it’s because someone forgot to check the box for that market. Usually it means an email to the publisher who checks the box and then the book magically appears in the store when the person logs in from an IP address in that country.

I should note that some people use programs to change there IP so it looks like they are in a different country than they are. And so some people, for instance, will buy a book that’s not available in their country. Not technically “legal” but at least they are paying for it rather than pirating it.


True…I didn’t drill down that deep, I was talking “high level.”


It’s not how much they get from subscribers its an “arbitrary number” they come up with. Audible has a similar calculation, but that one IS tied to ACTUALLY subscription income.

It’s a calculation to be sure. And there has been at least two different calculation versions. Here is a note on this from an aricle.

Author Rank
1 - 10 = $25,000 bonus
11 - 20 = $10,000
21 - 30 = $5,000
31- 50 = $2,500
51 - 100 = $1,000

Title rank
1 - 10 = $2,500
11 - 50 = $1,000
51 - 100 = 500

There are also all-star bonuses for the Uk store and the Germany store.


Change it where? On Amazon? On Goodreads? Embedded int he file?

  • If it’s embeded in your file, make a new version of the file and upload it to the sites you sell at.
  • If you are talking about Amazon, go into KDP and go to the Author’s Dashboard and navigate to the book ,there will be a place where you fill out the “listing” information where you can upload a new cover.
  • If on goodreads, contact support and they can change it for you - or go to the Goodreads Librarian group and ask one of them to change it.


I’m not sure what you are referring to here.


For KU - no. It’s simply the number of pages. For Audible calculations the list price of the book does come into play such that a download of a $20 book earns twice as much as a download of a $10 bok.

It’s a personal decision. I don’t use it. (I don’t like to restrict my readers to one retailer), but most successful self-published authors I know of use it - and they earn well from it and speak highly of it. I suggest you ask people who use the program as I don’t.

And he won’t. The “rank” is adjusted when the “download is performed” but that download has earned him $0. It’s only if a person goes on to read pages from that book that he’ll earn from it. And how much he gets from each reader will depend on how many pages each reads. So for some he may get $0 others he may get $1.80 for it (assuming an approximately 400 page book). And each month the “pool changes” so the “amount each page is worth” changes.


My current results with a debut: KU accounts for an estimated 45% of the gross sales (estimated because amount varies and the current payout is unknown, I’m using the last available month). Also: KU downloads definitely helped my rankings significantly.

I think KU matters more when you are unknown because it costs KU readers nothing to try your book out. I definitely wouldn’t want to give up almost half my sales at this point.


Ok I’m a bit confused, you say it matters for people aren’t discovered, but yet you don’t want to give up half your sales? It flew over my head…O.o


You make more with a sale than you do if someone read the whole book on KU. But if you’re an unknown, someone will more likely read the book for free (KU) than buy it.


This aligns with what I’ve heard from other indies - KU is about 45% - 55% of their income. And I do think you are correct about people being more willing to try indies through KU.


See Blayde’s comment below - she explained it.


Michael, the last two traditionally published paperbacks I read had sample chapters of another of the authors’ novels at the end. So you finish the novel you bought and see the cover (or something that tells you what it is) of another novel by that author and then sample chapters.

The one I just finished, Kill Shot by Vince Flynn, had a page after the novel ended about the author’s first American Assassin novel and the fact that it was made into a movie. Then the Prelude and Chapter 1 of that novel.

I believe (from memory) the other one (also a thriller) had the actual cover of another novel plus the 1st 3 chapters.

First, what do you think of that strategy? Second, would it work for e-books?


I’ve read quite a few e-books that have a couple chapters of the next book at the end. I’m not a big fan of it personally but I can see why authors do this.


oh ok thanks for explaining :open_mouth:


Good to know. I may do it someday.

From an author’s perspective, if the reader liked the novel and the first few chapters hooked them, it sure sounds like a great marketing strategy. And I wonder if those preview chapters count as pages read if the book is in KU.


If the reader reads them, yes. Amazon’s algorithms aren’t smart enough yet to know that those pages are really part of another book.


Hi I saw your work on both Smash Words and Amazon, your one series you made into a one shot. What was the reason if I may ask?


My debut novel has the next book in line with a bonus chapter included. I’ve seen this done many times over the the years as a way of keeping people’s interests pegged and sales solid.


Which series was this? I’m not entirely sure what “one shot” means in this context. I thought it was a fanfiction term.


I need to finish Kill Shot. I really like Flynn’s work, may he rest in peace.