I'm an established full-time author - willing to answer questions if you have them



I hope I don’t sound stupid for saying this since I myself am working towards getting published but for both Wattpad publishing AND professional publishing, you just need to not think much about one books ranking just keep publishing more work every time you get a new book fully polished and ready to be published. I went through the same thing. It’s normal for both fun and for business. :slight_smile:


No. I’m not worried. I’m just wondering.

Pay me no mind. :slight_smile:


Are you still a part of Wattpad? maybe we can talk about publishing if it’s ok?


Sure. But I work this weekend, so I may not have much time to converse between messages. :slight_smile:


its cool just pm me whenever ^.^




I don’t think watching the categories is very useful. In some categories ranking #1 is like 300k in the store, and ranking #100 in another is 1200 in the store. Look at the overall ranking.


Hmm. Okay. I’m not going to be hounding the site every day of the week since I only go there to buy music and stuff. And this place operates much differently than Wattpad does anyways. And it would be pointless to scream at something beyond my control. :smiley:

It’s so weird being published versus the years I wasn’t. Sort of anti-climatic now.


I can agree to that :slight_smile: 2 of my works on my profile here just got on the hot list but I only know because I was editing my profile so no I DON’T look 24/7 :slight_smile:


Yeah. It looks like you’re not in KU, yeah? If you’re not in KU, have you uploaded the book to the other stores like Barnes and Noble and Itunes? I couldn’t find it there. Down to 88k in the store, which means you’re getting a few sales at least. Congrats.


No. My editor decided it was best if I wasn’t put on Kindle Unlimited. And I agreed. I can find other ways to advertise my books. :slight_smile:


I bought a copy for my wife so she can finally read something of mine after being married for 17 years and working in secrecy. (I never let anyone–or even her–read my stuff.)

But she’s only read the first few chapters and says, “I’m very wordy.”

I was like, “Yeah. Because I have a college education and love books. That’s natural.”

Right now, she’s signing petitions to save Midnight Texas after it got cancelled on NBC. I have a feeling it’ll end up like Firefly.

I also ran a calculation on the number of errors for the entire novel. At last count, I will have 9.2 mistakes in the book (having found 2 in the first few chapters) out of 174,000 words.

That’s pretty impressive since the average error count for a mainstream novel is 20.


Actually it’s rather unusual that your book is ranking so high without any promotion. Usually books don’t rank that high when first published unless it’s temporarily free or something, and that’s obviously not the case here, since it’s $5.99. You must be selling a lot of copies. Congrats!


I know. I haven’t had the time to properly advertise or do anything but post a couple promo tweets on my Twitter account, 2 on Facebook (general announcement), and something on my Deviant Art page.

My full time job makes me a very busy man. lol


That’s why I’m not worried about selling any copies at the moment. I have something else planned as soon as my Meteor Girl novel hits Amazon next month. (That one will be priced at $4.99 since it’s about 112,000 words after edits–give or take.)


Just wondering something here, your printed book is it on create space too?


I don’t know–to be honest. I think my editor uploaded the book to print on Amazon’s KDP page–which made things a hell of a lot easier to manage than Createspace. lol




so if you self publish, your editor will upload it for you?


Yeah, you see, when she was in the process on Monday of last week with the final edits, I told her to upload everything in my name and then let me know. I was very busy with work that weekend. I’ve been so tired lately–trying to stay on top of things at my job.

This Christmas thing’s been kicking our ass at work all month and we’ve been busting our tail making sure we max out all freight to the floor for the season. So I haven’t had much time for anything else. Not even writing.

This is what you get for working overnights on retail.

(We had 18 pallets of toys on Thursday which we somehow managed to nuke in 8 hours.)