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It would have been me uploading it, but I gave my editor the access codes to my KDP page so she could upload it herself. That was a big time saver.


believe me I know how you feel, I’m on SSI at the moment and I’m afraid that if I self publish too soon, I might lose my check. :’(


because I know that it takes a long time before a strong income starts after putting it up there.


Okay. Let me save you on that one: Unless you’re making an x-amount of money (from either a job or other sources), you’ll be fine. The misconception I ran into 18 years ago from Social Security (and I was on SSA and SSI collectively) was that I was making millions off my Starchild novel (which wasn’t–and still isn’t–published.)

(And they thought I was.)

Non-writers and even federal government agencies don’t even know how publishing and royalties work. They treat everything like it’s a job where you’re getting paid weekly or biweekly. They don’t get you get paid every quarter indie publishing (every 3 months) or in one year–trad.

So go ahead and indie publish. Like me, it’s going to take you awhile to amass significant sales and a fan base for your books. :slight_smile:


Really? :open_mouth:


They had a federal investigator come over to my house with copies of my website that had my draft copy of my book on there. They thought I was officially published and making a gazillion dollars off my books and not reporting the income.

This is by the same token the same US government that has the likes of Donald Trump and his cronies in all levels of it.

Then they had the fucking stones to claim then that I was defrauding them and demanded I give them “proof” of my tax returns for my book. I said, “How can I when nothing is published yet?”

The investigator pointed to the pages she collected and said, “What’s this?”

I snarled in aggravation: “That’s a blog, dumb ass. Not a website.”


Damn… :open_mouth:


Yeah. This is the downside to dealing with the federal government as a writer or author.


My Dad’s trying to convince me to letting him take over and all I have to do is write my books. I just don’t feel comfortable with it…


Take over your writing?


tax info, he would have the royalties come in his name and I would just write, it’s not legal >.< I don’t want to do it…


That wouldn’t be a good idea. So unless you’re making over $200 or $400 in income from your books, then you would have to file taxes. But even that amount won’t make you lose your SSI. All they would do is reduce your monthly amount by so much and then you’re fine–if it’s just one month.




Also keep in mind that what you make won’t be stable until you get more books out. So at best, you would have small amounts coming in, but not enough to jeopardize your SSI. It may not even be reportable if its under $100.


I hear that a lot.


That’s why you write like a demon and publish as often as you can. Me, I have 15 more books to publish. :slight_smile:


But to be really honest I’m not publishing it till I get my book fully edited and the rest done. :slight_smile:


Then hop to it. Bunny hops!



:rofl: Yeah I’m re-uploading my series called The Blood Oath. Book 1’s uploading slowly since there’s SO MUCH errors in it. :frowning:


That’s why having a professional freelance editor is a godsend. They can spot the mistakes and fix them and come back with a nearly clean copy that’s ready to publish. (Mine ended up with about 9 errors overall after it was published. Just punctuation and a few other issues–but not enough to jeopardize the book’s appeal.)