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My book series is portal fantasy because the characters go into many different worlds/dimensions throughout the series.


That sounds like my vampire stripper novel and my soon to be written (?) Shadow Realm saga.


Yeah, I got a file full of titles and blurbs to go to once I get through one at a time.


I have 27 pages going back to 1996. 363 novels and 325 stories.


I also heard that KDP only lets the writer keep 5-6% of the book outside of KDP.


O.O—holy sh*t.


You mean royalties?


no word count.


Yeah, I had a lot of time on my hands back in those days. Lots of time spent at the library buried in the pages of my books and just writing.


I don’t know where you heard that, but KDP published my entire 174,207 word novel without a problem.


Outside of KDP like on Wattpad for example.


Ah. okay. That’s different.




I’ve got a character in my head and I mean full on character, I know what they look like, act like, think like, blah blah blah. One small problem, I have no plot to put this character into. Have you got any golden tidbits on how to create a plot that isn’t just a trope?

Thank you and happy holidays!


There is no more CreateSpace.


Hi, you seem to be new. Have you heard of the writer’s portal? It has a list of information that can help you out a bit. You can access the link here, Writer’s Portal

Also with respect to plot and tropes, hardly ever would you meet a plot without elements in the story that wasn’t used before. So what makes a plot/story line different from the others is the execution.This link below should also help as well. If you aren’t a planner and more of a pantser you might want to try free writing a scene. It doesn’t have to be any chronological order, just write the character(s) into scenes that you get excited for, step away and come back to them later. See how they make you feel and feel free to review them or write new ones to add or replace them.


Okay, so usually (we should probably make a different thread for this) self-published writers choose between going Wide (available on Amazon + all the other stores like Itunes, Kobo, etc) or KU (Only on Amazon but you get a big visibility boost and extra money through being able to be read by those with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions). Do I understand correctly that Codename is Amazon exclusive but not in KU? I can’t think of any reason anyone would do this. Very friendly advice - I totally understand not being in KU, but if that’s the choice you’ve made I would really recommend using Draft to Digital to upload your books to the other sites. It’s really, really easy, easier even than Amazon publishing.


When I find the time I will. Now’s not a really good time. I’ll try and do it on Christmas Eve–my split day off. No promises.


Oh okay. Thank you!


Okay. Got the master file. Did the upload. Now it’s global and universal in digital print only.