I'm an established full-time author - willing to answer questions if you have them



Very true - the only number to REALLy watch is the overall ranking.


Ranking is NOT beyond your control…ranking = buys and now that you have a book published, you want people to read it, right? Ranking is improved through advertising and word of mouth - but at this stage of the game, neither is something you should be concentrating on. Three is the magic number, and until you have 3 books out it’s best to concentrate on more content.


I agree, a new author should either be in KU or have wide distribution. Being on Amazon ONLY and NOT being in KU is not a smart way to go.


I’m not sure your editor is giving you good advice here. KU is where MOST indies are (and for good reason). Rather than relying on someone with the experience of a few books, I’d think it would make better sense to follow the thousands who have been having good success. And KU is about DISTRIBUTION not ADVERTISING. You need to start understanding the various aspects of publishing and the pros and cons of each.


i know this is out of topic but when i first saw your profile picture from afar… you look like a younger version of colin firth… anyways how long did it take you to be recognize by a publishing company or an agent? Especially before when the internet is still new or hasn’t progressed like today at all. How long did it take you to publish your book/s? And also made a huge income out of it that you won’t need another job.


An author who works in complete secrecy is shooting themselves in the foot. You need others to find your blind spots - alpha readers, beta readers, critique partners. Your work is absolutely suffering from not having others read it.

While I can’t say for certain of what your wife was referring to, I can say that most authors that I critique (and give poor scores to) it’s because they are “too wordy” - and it is NOT a good sign, or indicative of being college-educated. It’s a sign of sloppy writing, poor line editing, and inexperienced. It’s the first sign of NOT being ready for prime time. I’ll give you an example from a writer I had out to my cabin for some coaching.

  • He sighed, his shoulders slumped as he considered the possibility that he had to talk to a stranger.
  • He sighed, his shoulders slumped as he considered talking to a stranger.

Both say the same thing. but notice all the extra words in sentence #1? This is what “being wordy” generally means. And it is the first sign that an author hasn’t polished or refined their writing.

I HIGHLY doubt you’ll have just 9 mistakes in the book. I caution you about setting unrealistic expectations, which could lead to depression when you don’t meet an impossible bar.


It’s not ranking that high. He was wrong about the category he’s in:

  • Books > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction


  • Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction

Two very different categories :wink: Based on his ranking of 257,000+ across all of Amazon he’s selling 1 - 2 copies a day, which isn’t bad. It’s certainly better than when I first self-published – I was selling 1 - 2 copies a month!! :wink:


As I mentioned before at this stage you really SHOULDN’T be spending much time on advertising. More content is what you should be focused on. And 80% of all authors have full time jobs, so your problem isn’t unique…nor insurmountable.


Createspace doesn’t exist anymore. But, yes, there is a print version of this book - I suspect using KDP.


Createspace is down rolled into KDP.


Her uploading for you is fine…but it’s YOUR account, right? In other words, you see the sales numbers and the money comes to you not her, right? This is NOT something you should abdicate to others.


Ooh, thank you! I honestly didn’t know how the rankings work, so this is a good thing to know. /(=^ェ^=)\


How old are you? IF you are under 18 (and haven’t been emancipated by the courts) then you probably can’t profit from your IP, and he is trying to keep you legal by wanting to take that over. Now if you are making little to no money, it’s a moot point. But if you are making large sums then it should be setup in a trust fund that you get access to once you are a legal adult.


Professional editors certainly are a godsend…but I think you’re wrong about your books only having 9 errors after publishing.


No, that’s not true. Are you thinking about “select” And in that case are you talking about a “sample”? I’m not sure what you “heard” but KDP has NO RESTRICTIONS about where you publish your other work.


This is one of the biggest problems for writers. Having one piece of the three pieces needed (character, setting, plot). My best advice is to “let it stew.” Go for long walks in nature where you don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car and start “interviewing” yourself. Do it “out loud” as there is something about stimulating the verbal portion of your brain that helps with creativity.

Second piece of advice…don’t try to force it. Just “keep noodling” things over. Once you have enough stored into your head that it threatens to burst out, that’s when it’s time to start writing. I hope this helps.


Agreed 100% - either be in KU and exclusive, or be “wide” and other platforms. It makes NO SENSE to be exclusive to Amazon but NOT in KU.


[quote=“SchuylerThorpe, post:402, topic:2557, full:true”]
There’s reasons why I don’t want to be stuck with KU. Time being at a premium for me. I wouldn’t be able to advertise effectively on such short notice. And since I work full time at my job, I can’t be on the internet all day. (Or all night as the case may be.)

None of that makes any sense. Being in KU (or out of KU) takes no more or less time (it’s a single checkbox within KDP). And being in KU or out of KU has no effect on your inability to market. In fact, if you have no time for marketing then you are BETTER OFF in KU than out.

You are 100% correct that other work should be your top priority - but I’m VERY CONCERNED about using your same editor. From what I know of that person they (a) took 5 years to do one book and (b) HIGHLY overcharged you.


Ah, no…there are no ratings on Playster - I’m not sure where the 4 of 5 is coming from.


Bacon makes all things better, and I prefer brown sauces over red. As for best advice for a 50+ new writer? I’d need more information to provide anything meaningful. What genre do you write in? How many books have you written?