I'm an established full-time author - willing to answer questions if you have them



So you’re saying there IS a chance? Awesome! Thank you Michael :grin:


Thank you for the advice but most of my money I have to spend on groceries and rent, I don’t make enough to save or invest. I don’t have a credit card but I do have a debit card because carrying cash on me in the past has been an issue. I wish I had the ability to do these things but I can’t.

I know I’m not going to be a big author. I never thought I would be. I just enjoy writing, my only goal is for my story to be one person favorite and that it helps them get through tough points in there life. I had books that were that for me when I grew up homeless. Those books got me through a lot, that’s why I love writing. Not because I think it will make me famous. That’s it. Sorry if I came off that way. I generally work two jobs, I’m trying to find a second right now so hopefully, it will be one I can learn a lot from.

I asked the money question kind of just out of curiosity, I saw a video talking about how a lot of authors keep their day jobs so I wanted to know.

Again, thank you for the advice, maybe I’ll be able to implement it someday when I can make more money at my jobs!


That makes sense! Glad you have a good relationship like that, those can be hard to come by. Hopefully someday I can make enough money to support my partner too.

Knowing that makes me a little more hopeful. Not necessarily for my writing career but I can’t picture myself being financially stable ever so even if I can’t see it maybe it can still happen. But that’s very admirable to keep going for more then decade with no signs of succeeding. A lot of people would have given up. You definitely deserve your success. When you spent years writing and not succeeding did people ever just tell you to give up?

I know, but I feel like I have to. Not in the writing area but I feel like I need to be successful in general because people in my life need me to be. If I mess up money wise I have no back up solution. I can’t go live with my parents or ask someone to take me in while I figure things out, I’ll have to be homeless and start from the ground up all over again. I don’t think I’ll be a successful writer, I just like doing it because books and writing have been some of the only escapes I had growing up. I want to be that for one other person through the same medium.


The money would be for my editing, cover making, etc. I’m currently studying for my ged so I can go to college for English literature.


Oh, most definitely a chance - look at what I did. Any “betting person” wouldn’t have placed a bet on me, and yet if they had I’d have paid off 10000:1


If that is the case, then your options are clear.

  1. Go traditional publishing - because they will foot the bill for all the sunk costs of production (editing, layout, ebook formatting, printing, etc.

  2. Write but don’t publish - you can still give your books away for free, just don’t put them out “for sale” as once you start asking money of people you owe them a quality book an that costs money.

  3. Stop writing altogether.

Sounds like option #2 would be a perfect fit for you.

Yes, the vast majority of writers have day jobs.

You are welcome. No matter what route you go - I wish you well.


We are indeed soul mates. Something that many people never find so I’m extremely fortunate for that.

I did quit - for more than 12 years.And when I returned to writing it was on the condition that I WOULDN’T publish, thankfully my wife took over the "business side of things. No one really told me to give up (except for myself). What skin was it off their noses if I tilted at windmills. No one cared enough to tell me to quit.

I was the same way when young. My family was very poor so living with my mom (my dad was dead) wasn’t an option. I did really menial labor for little money (dishwasher, busboy etc). My wife had been kicked out of her house on multiple occasions. Bottom line, you do what you have to even if that means working two jobs at minimum wage. Having no options is a great motivator!

It’s good you enjoy writing for the joy it brings you. That’s the best way to be.


Sounds like a reasonable plan. I didn’t go to college - well I did but for art and only for a year. But I know a lot of authors that found the experience worked well for them - I hope you enjoy it.


with you last three books being published both 2019 and 2020, was your full series’ first draft done then edited them, if that makes sense?


All the books were written – some time ago in fact, but they still need editing (copy editing and beta reader feedback) that is what we are doing now.


But if they needed more editing then why did you publish them? I’m a bit confused.


I haven’t published them. 2019 and 2020 are yet to come :wink: I’ve planned their release dates, but I have quite some time before the books have to be at the printers to meet my deadlines.


Lol I meant books 1-3.


The entire series was WRITTEN before publishing, but he didn’t wait until the entire thing was edited. He is publishing them individually after each is completely edited.


Oh ok, thanks for clearing things up.


We are indeed soul mates. Something that many people never find so I’m extremely fortunate for that.

Your path to publishing sounds like a story all in itself the more I hear it. Now I want the romance story of your journey XD


Oh, you mean why are 1 - 3 published when 4 - 6 still need editing? I take several years to write a series and it takes about 6 months to do the polish on a book - that means the books can come out as “close” as six months and I try not to make them go longer than 1 year. Each book is polished when it comes to the top of queue.




Really not much to tell on that front. We live pretty ordinary lives.


I work as a security concierge in an office building, and it is where I do the bulk of my writing. I wouldn’t trade it with the world. :slight_smile: