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Hey @MichaelJSullivan I was wondering like with you (Being a full time writer) like I do write quite often, but there are days that I need free because of my therapist and when I get my weekly meds. Will this keep me from writing full time? like I’m editing my book and I’m currently doing between 700 words to 1000+ words a day.


No. Not all writers write seven days a week. And every writer has to find a schedule that works for them in their unique circumstances. There are full-time writers who are full-time parents! Or who are taking care of elderly parents. Or who have some other really time-consuming responsibility. They have to figure out how to make it work for them.

I’m really concerned about your assumption that this is going to provide enough income that you can be a full-time writer. It’s very, very, very rare for writers to be able to make an income that high, especially on an on-going basis. Those that do are almost never doing it with their first books.


I’m insecure about it :frowning:

plus I’m not done writing the entire series…


Uh-huh, and when you don’t earn out…FLUSH!!! You’re dead, and on to the next new writer. Forget traditional publishing, if I publish anything at all it will be on KDP.


So, I do write everyday, but that doesn’t mean others have to do the same. The important thing is to do it “regularly.” If you let too much time (say weeks) between writing sessions, then you’ll forget where you are and have to spend a lot of time getting “back up to steam.”



This is also spot on. income with only one book out is extremely small. You really shouldn’t even focus on marketing until you have three. Many authors start earning “something significant” on book #5 - #7.


When traditional, it is important to come out of the gates with very good numbers. Your book will earn most of what it will ever produce in (a) preorders and (b) the first few weeks of sales. And yes, if you don’t do well, it can start a downward spiral that will oftentimes mean a pen name (an insistence from the publisher) in an effort to hide the perviously poor-performing book.


I can go a long time between writing so I’m familiar with that. What I do is read the chapter I left off from the beginning and then write where I left off. I once read that Ernest Hemingway actually read from the beginning of his novel to the place he left off for consistency. I’m not that fast a reader so I start at the last chapter.

I also build an outline while I’m writing. So when I finish a chapter, I summarize it. If I need a total story refresh, I simple read those brief chapter summaries.


That’s better than what I’ve done in the past month. I’ve only knocked out two more chapters to my ongoing fan-fiction novel. And that’s the most I’ve written in about three months.


Is she the same editor who worked on Codename: Velocity? _〆(..)


No. Which is odd because the only one star review I got was from a pissed off buyer who thought I knew next to nothing about writing, had no grasp of grammar or English, didn’t bother editing the book and so on and so forth.

In short, he said the book was a total mess and unreadable. I was like: “Interesting. I spent a lot of money on getting it edited, my grammar is 100% perfect, English too, and I’ve been writing for 31 years now.”

It was a bit of an odd review. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

But my next novel coming out (Meteor Girl) should confirm something that I’ve had some suspicions on. If the same guy comes back with the same review, it’s a bot account.

Or it’s just someone who wants the world to know how much of a horrible writer I am. In terms of ability and skill.

Or it could be that I’m dealing with yet another ignorant segment of society again–which is becoming all too common these days.


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It’s not the only 1 star, the book has multiple 1-star reviews on Goodreads. Most probably those are starting to migrate to Amazon.

The book has multiple grammatical errors, misused dialogue tags, misused commas and homonyms in just the first chapter. That’s before we get into craft level issues such as POV. plot, pacing, and the mistreatment/mischaracterisation of LGBT relationships.


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