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Well, I don’t know what that agent is looking for, because a pitch and a synopsis are two entirely different beasts. Completely unrelated. Different purposes, different lengths, vastly different content.

A pitch is the 150-word blurb you include in a query letter. It includes the set up, the protagonist, the antagonist, the goal, and the stakes.


If you could, would it be possible for you to check it out? I found them on Query tracker.


There’s no part of the form that mentions for a Query letter as a part of the online submission form. So I’m just as confused as you are.


The things they’re asking for, though, are commonly in a query letter. Just write a 150-word pitch like would be in a query letter.


maybe that’s the query letter itself??


No, they just want the pitch. Like I said, some of the other parts are part of a query letter (like comp titles).


I think what you really mean is “posting on Wattpad” then going to an agent. The reason I make the distinction is most agents won’t consider posting something here as “publishing.” Most look at it as a site to get feedback and for works in progress. They MAY ask you take it down when shpping, but i don’t see any harm or foul with querying somethign you also have on Wattpad. Unless you have a lot of readers, I wouldn’t even bring it up until the time of offer comes in and then you could ask if they perfer it to be posted or removed.

I’m not sure Wattpad is a good place for building an author platform. Goodreads would be a better choice for that…and what I mean is from a “telling the world standpoint” as far as a place to physically host the story, Wattpad is fine for that. So, sure, put the story on Wattpad, talk about it on Goodreads and point pepole to Wattpad.

I wouldn’t do a partial book if the full book isn’t available for sale. And partial books, in general, are a problem for Wattpad. I don’t think having the whole book will hurt your chances of having it signed. Like I said, most agents don’t consider a Wattpad book as “published.” They look at it more as it’s in development/getting feedback.

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Also, to further that thought, when it comes to agents, all three of these books absolutely have series potential. I was planning to use that as my ace up my sleeve, offering the sequel, and in Book A, the sequel and the third book, as first rights. Does that matter? Or does publishing on Wattpad hurt you no matter what? I know a few agents don’t care, but I don’t want to ruin my chances with the majority of agents, as publishing is my ultimate goal.[/quote]

As I said being on Wattpad isn’t going to hurt you. In general, you should be pitching a book rather than a series of books, but it’s fine to say it has series potential. I think your ratio is backward I think the majority of agents dont’ care and the few that do are out of touch with the industry.

No,publishing on Wattpad shouldn’t hurt your chances with traditional. And I think you would be better served by the Wattpad community if you had full books reather than a few chapters.


Sure, I can give you some tips. So, the “companies” of which you speak of (iUniverse, Xlibris, AuthorHouse, and so on) they are NOT the way to go. They are what is referred to as “vanity preses.” Their business model is getting money from the author and since their bills are paid from that, they don’t need readers. They don’t employ the best people (for cover and editing), and those that are working for them have time constraints such that they can’t do a good job — they have to do as little as possible and move on. And they are overpriced.

So, what is the alternative? Well you find your own cover artist and your own copyeditors and you produce the book yourself. Turning a book from a word file to an ebook is fairly easy, but if you don’t want to do that, you can hire that out as well. Once you have a final book produced you upload it to sites for distribution like Amazon (kdp), B&N (Nook press) Kobo (writing life) or you can use companies that push the books to multiple platforms like Smashwords and Draft2Digital.


Thanks for stepping in Alec…and, yeah, I agree with everything you said.


The process of “storytelling” is a creative one and I don’t believe it’s something that can be taught. Either you have the talent or you don’t. Other aspects about writing - such as craft - can, IMHO, be taught and it improves with time and practice.

If you find your early works “lacking” don’t get discouraged. Almost everyone starts out with stories that aren’t ready for prime time. My first published book was the 14th novel I wrote! So, write, read, and you might even want to pick up some books on how to write (I’ve never read any, but I’ve been a natural storyteller all my life). One of the things I did a lot of is “reading critically” in other words when you read dissect the work and try to see what the author did and why.


Generally speaking when “pitching” a book to traditional you can “mention” it has series potential but you should make the first book very standalone and try to sell it on it’s own merits.


In this case your “Pitch” should be on the first book only. Don’t “Pitch the series.”


Generally speaking a “pitch” is usually part of your query and it’s written similar to the marketing copy you’d find on the back of the book - it’s written to be enticing a tease if you will. It’s purpose is to make the reader (or agent) say - Hmmm…this sounds interesting I want more.

A Synopisis - is generally 1 or 2 pages and is much drier and more dragnet in nature - giving “the facts” of the story.

A Summary - is probably something between the two - although I’ve not heard of agents asking for this - they usually want the pitch and/or the synopsis.


If you want I’ll send you the link to their website and maybe you can explain it to me further?


If the agent has an online form for submission and is asking for a Pitch/Summary/Synopsis - I’d give them the pitch.


you don’t need a file which is a thankful blessing for me because I have a chrome book so if they did need it as a file, I’d be screwed. :confused:


And thanks for you help! :smile:


Well, if you are going to do any serious submitting you are going to have to have a system that can generate Microsoft Word Docs.


I understand, does google docs work?


As long as you can format correctly and save as a .doc.