I'm finding it hard writing my 2nd book


I have this story. I don’t think very highly of it. That’s a different story though.
I’m working on the second book and I’m kind of scared that I am thinking rubbish.
There’s a new character who I’m not sure about but I like her. Her names Esme and shes a feminist…i’m so scared it’s going to be terrible because her, but she needs to be there.


Hey @Chaz1235! I’m curious, what’s your story about? Maybe I can try to help you


So it’s basically a mystery. The main character Aaron is boyfriend to Esme. There are going to be murders. I have the plot figured out, but even then i’m not of it. Esme is a bit of a bad girl and a feminist. She won’t be deterred from what she believes in. I’m scared people won’t like her. Or the story.


Yeah, you can’t really be sure that people will like your character until you get the story out there. Have you started writing it yet?


Only the prologue, but its not published on here.


I’d encourage you to just post the prologue if you think it’s a good starting place for your story! You might start a reader base that’s interested to see where it goes. At least, that’s what I’m trying to do with my own story that I’m writing :sweat_smile:


I’ll try that, but everyone might hate it


I’m sure not everyone will hate it! But either way, you never know until you try. I can be your first reader if you want!


On here, any reaction is a good reaction. The worst that happens is nobody gives a fig.


Okay. That would be nice


It’s published


Just remember, keep doing you. I’m sure you got this!


I think we take longer to write our first book. We put our heart and soul into it and try every writing technique we hear about and think of all the potential plot twists. Once we get to the second book, we seem to, I don’t want to say lose our interest, but that first love sort of hype isn’t there. You have a good plot but that drive to make it unique isn’t as sharp.