i'm lonely, pls talk to me

hello, its me. your friendly neighbourhood spider

it is 1:34am, I have an exam and 2 essays due on Thursday and I just don’t want to study and write my essays anymore and I can’t sleep. my twitter is very dead today so I thought, lets slide over here and hope someone talks to desperate old me.

it can be about anything I dont mind.

writing (you struggling too?)
snow (we had a storm yesterday and the wind flew our patio door open and I almost screamed)
what you ate today (I burned a frozen pizza)
how’s your book going? mine is non-existent bc nano sucked
how’s wattpad?

you can also ask or just talk about writing in general, idk if I’ll help but I guess there’s some wisdom knocking around in this very small two-decade old head that has about 3 working brain cells left.


It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment, and that sucks that you can’t sleep :pensive: Hopefully you’ll be able to fall asleep soon enough. Good luck for your essays and exam!

Yep. I’m supposed to be updating tonight and I haven’t even finished the chapter properly, let alone done the edits on it. I’m also pretty sure NaNo temporarily broke me :sweat_smile: Is it an ongoing story you’re struggling with? Or a recently started one?

Yikes! That must have been terrifying. We’re supposed to be going into Summer where I am, but instead, today was met with intense rain. I was glad to be at work and not driving when it happened.

I hate it when that happens! What kind of pizza was it?

I’m sure there is plenty of wisdom still in that head of yours, even at this hour of the night/morning :slight_smile:

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Finals are next week for me. :sob:


Yikes. Do you feel prepared?

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Ahahahaha, no. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! It’s that time of year at uni sadly, everyone is stressed but it will be over soon!

Hawaiian, I’m one of those people that loves pineapple on pizza :see_no_evil:

The earliness of the morning only makes me more wisdom-y :joy:

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Mine are last week, this week and next week :sob: I’m lucky my last exam is Dec 10 but still. Good luck to you!!


Oh no, haha. What are you studying?

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Oh my gosh! How many finals do you have? o:

Thank you. Best of luck to you, too!

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hi lonely im dad

nah man today i kinda feel like being dead but not permanently

I’m studying human bio.

It’s a lot of material, so I’m drowning in content. :sob:


I’m in third year and at my school they basically give you less exams and more midterms and essays. I had 2 essays & an assignment last week, a midterm and 2 essays this week and an exam and assignment next week :sweat_smile: most my final-final exams will be in April



that’s sucks though, hope you feel better soon, get some time in for self care!

Yikes. That sounds like a lot of work. Hopefully, the thought of an upcoming term break helps! I’m looking forward to my winter break. What’s your major?

I’m in fourth year and studying human bio, so we have massive final exams that are worth way too much of our grade, so… naturally, I’m not ready because 10 weeks goes by so fast. I’m on the quarter schedule. It’s death.


i don’t have the money for any type of self-care that would actually be meaningful

Ugh oh my god I can only imagine.

I’m an English major and Media studies and cinema studies minor - basically just writing a ton of essays and reading a ton of books and studying a ton of ads and models around how media works at manipulating people :joy:


I just saw that your last is December 10. Not long to go now! You are a trooper for getting through all the ones that you’ve had so far. What are you studying?

Nice! I’m one of those that sometimes likes it, and sometimes doesn’t. It depends on where the pizza is from xD


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I hope that things start to feel better soon.

So much memorization! It’s insane! :sob:

Sounds fun. I know someone that’s studying film (@JJJ000YYY) and she has to write a lot of essays, too. I bet it comes with the territory. Since I’m a science major, all we ever do is exams and projects and lab reports. I don’t mind the workload but you can really feel the stress when finals roll around. At least we get a three month summer break. :joy:


Hey there :slight_smile:

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