i'm looking for a permanent editor who'd be willing to make covers, etc. for my upcoming works.[CLOSED]


AS the title suggests, i'm in need of an editor or a graphic designer who'd be willing to edit for me at anytime. i was once an editor here before so i know how it works, but since now i'm busy to make edits for myself, i need one to help me >,<
I'M thinking that the benefits would be: giving you a permanent follow, shout-out/credit to whatever book you made an edit(s) of, and reading & commenting a chapter of yours for each time you make an edit for me. anything else, i'm willing to negotiate.
THIS won't probably be up for a long time so if you're interested, please pm me (or show me in this thread) your portfolio or the site where your edits are. i only need one so i'm terribly sorry if i didn't select you as my editor.
THAT'S it! there are no specific requirements as long as you know what you're doing, and you at least something about editing & Photoshopping xD and it'd be great if you have a certain style, like simple editing/minimalistic editing/manipulative editing, etc.


Hello , my name is UnicornRainbowWriter and I would be happy to help.
Recently I had published my own book that I am very proud of.
My covers that I make is all my own , inlcuding my background picture and profile.
I have done a cover for someone before!

I am free a lot lately so I would love to take time to edit your work with anything that you need help with!

I hope it is not to late as I really would love this opportunity


If this is still open…
Hey! I’m not open for free editing, but I am happy to do cover work for someone. :slight_smile:
Portfolio: http://kristyleigh.pb.design/port password: tw1light
I would ask a follow, and then honest feedback on my work for each cover done after the 1st. I’m currently a full time designer, so I would have to balance it with my job, but meh, evenings and weekends are fine for me to make covers etc. :slight_smile:
I should mention though, that I do NOT use copyrighted images, fonts, stock, elements etc etc. I own everything I use, so if you make fanfics, I’m not the designer for you >.< I am buying a metric ton of new stock and textures and fonts on the 5th though lmao


fallendel unqillingdev


Hi there! I am a cover designer with over 20+ years of experience in photo manipulation in Photoshop. And a photographer as well. Editing skills are not as strong but I can spell and typically do check for things like that as I read the work I design for. If you are interested you are welcome to check out my face book page

If you need an actual editor I do know a couple that can help if you would like to just use my graphic design skills. Hope to hear from you soon.


@UnicornRainbowWriter @KristinJamesx @user72541285 awe you guys >.< thank you so much for replying, but i am not in need of a graphic designer anymore, since i mainly do my own edits now! i’m so sorry i forgot to update this thread since it has been almost 2 weeks and i totally forgot about this T^T