i'm looking for a permanent editor who'd be willing to make covers, etc. for my upcoming works.


AS the title suggests, i'm in need of an editor or a graphic designer who'd be willing to edit for me at anytime. i was once an editor here before so i know how it works, but since now i'm busy to make edits for myself, i need one to help me >,<
I'M thinking that the benefits would be: giving you a permanent follow, shout-out/credit to whatever book you made an edit(s) of, and reading & commenting a chapter of yours for each time you make an edit for me. anything else, i'm willing to negotiate.
THIS won't probably be up for a long time so if you're interested, please pm me (or show me in this thread) your portfolio or the site where your edits are. i only need one so i'm terribly sorry if i didn't select you as my editor.
THAT'S it! there are no specific requirements as long as you know what you're doing, and you at least something about editing & Photoshopping xD and it'd be great if you have a certain style, like simple editing/minimalistic editing/manipulative editing, etc.