I'm looking for Beta readers for my third draft

Title : Shadows paradox (Third draft)
(I hope I’m allowed to post the cover here too)

Region English

Word Count
Chapters 17 (Including act dividers and an epilogue)

What’s the story about ?

This story follows Dan. A student at Melbourne University. He has a peculiar ability to traverse the multiverse.
One day he has an experiment but it was stopped before it could start after meeting with a mysterious person that has ties with a secret group known as Nerola but to the public, it’s called Globe City.
With this knowledge, Dan is placed in a dangerous situation with his life along with his friends are in danger.

What I’m looking for?
I’m looking for feedback on the book plot
Where I can improve on
What I should add
If there anything I should remove
Grammar and punctuation

What can I do in return ?
I can return a permanent follow and give feedback on your story as well

Now what I’m thinking is to determine if you want to go read the whole book we can exchange our first 3 chapters and send each-other feedback on the following suggestions listed above or anything else we might find?
I hope this ok?

Now if you have any preferred method of sending your story let me know as well. Either being wattpad or google doc or PDF.

I am in no rush for when the reading needs to be completed but I do want to know how I can improve the story plot and finalize it before I write the sequel

link to my story

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Si tu veux, je peux vérifier avec toi et lire ton histoire ainsi que partager la mienne avec toi, par contre, en lisant ton résumé il y a certaine chose qui ne sont pas cohérentes . Si tu es d accord, je peux être une bêta lectrice pour ton roman. Je m appelle Sandra et j ai 40 ans. Tiens moi au courant

Are you able to translate that in english?
(Sorry I’m just not able to translate the message)

My name is Sandra, i am french and i think for myself that i will have trouble reading your book because you speak english. I wanted to help. I do not know if it will be possible.

that’s all good, I’m sorry for the inconvenience - I will edit the post as well.

OK, good continuation

Would you want to share stories if that ok with you or?

I think we can try, if you want

For this case would you just want to share our first chapters and see how that goes?

so if you want I can have a read through one of yours as I have time to do it this afternoon and send some feedbacks

Let me know where you would like the feedback as well

Yes, by the site wattpad

which book?

Any specific feedback you want?

Yeah I saw the problem you meant when it come to language.
Because I’m not native to french I won’t be of much help.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience there.

I hope I haven’t upset you as well.

My story is entitled to everything for them and my profil is valente Sandra

Yeah I saw the problem you meant when it come to language.
Because I’m not native to french I won’t be of much help.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience there.
But I hope I haven’t upset you

No worries, there is Google :wink:

I don’t think google translate dose the best with another langauge

I hope I don’t offend you here but I placed it in google translate and from the first paragraph it dosen’t do well to translate.
I’m really sorry there.

Your orrignal one

Bonjour, je me présente, je me prénomme Safred Blanche, je suis plutôt petite environ 1m55 avec les yeux marrons verts, cheveux au carré plon

The translated one
Hello, I introduce myself, my name is Safred Blanche, I am rather small about 1m55 with greenish brown eyes, hair squared plon

It kind of gives off enough detial but unless I can find a program that can translate acrruatley I may not be able to get the original plot.

I would like to have an opinion on it and i can do the same despite the language barrier

I can see what I can do I will try and translate a few paragraphs to english and see what I can do from there.

Give me a few hours to translate the first few and hopefully I can get it right I’m by no means a professional
But I will see what I can do