I'm looking for magic~ (Closed)


Officially closing this topic because my own reading lists are way too full of things to read now! I’m so excited.

I’ll reopen or start another thread if I find myself searching again in the future.

You guys rock!

Hi all!
I’m looking for good, well-written stories that include magic, fantasy creatures, sci-fi themes, etc. Anything with a strange, creative, or unique premise.

I don’t mind the length. One chapter or dozens, it’s all good.

The one thing I don’t want is pure romance. I’m fine with well-done romance as a plot point.

I particularly liked Upon Wings of Change, which was about dragons and aliens. I’m finding it a lot more difficult to sort through the less-read stories.

Anyone have suggestions? (I don’t mind if you don’t post a cover picture, but please include 1-2 sentence summary!)


I think you might like reading my book; it’s an epic fantasy novel (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

Summary: A young woman must rescue her adopted younger brother from a mad sorcerer
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/659085416-the-legend-of-the-moonflower-princess-where-the


My book may be up your alley. It is onging and I will update every Wednesday and Sunday.

Summary: Instead of bonding with a gryphon or a pegasus like the other first year magical students, Rayen bonds with a goldfish. And instead of learning fire and ice spells, all he can do well is heal.

Rayen may be weak, but he isn’t going to give up on his studies, and definitely isn’t going to just ignore the power his fish lends him. His fellow first years make fun of him, but Rayen knows his healing magic, even if it is weak, is important. And the true strength of his subtle abilities is made clear when a professor named Kandel asks Rayen to work for him. Rayen wants to learn all he can about his magic, and all about the magical creatures that exist.

He just hopes he can trust the mysterious Kandel.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173875638-a-subtle-magic

Edit: Haha, got the link and cover to work!


Thanks for the recommendation! I just read the first chapter. I think Nashoba is my favorite character so far.


I wrote Half Wylde specifically to be a fantasy novel where the romance is not the main plot point. I mean, it’s there, but my MC is supposed to grow to find importance in all of her loving relationships, not just the romantic one. https://my.w.tt/3vjpNLSClT


That does sound up my alley. I’m on my phone which makes forums difficult, but I’ll check your profile when I get to a computer.



I have a story that I think has a fairly unique premise. It’s more sci-fi than fantasy, but has fantasy elements. I hope it might be something you’d enjoy. Thanks.

Everyone knows you can’t change scientific laws, but what if everyone was wrong. After an unexpected visit from his old college professor, Mason Grant gets to see firsthand the wonders and incredible destruction wrought by manipulating the laws of nature. Traveling with the professor to the planet Myscreth, Mason’s soon learning to control abilities he never dreamed were possible. But all is not as it seems. Even as the Myscrethian people try to rebuild their ruined world, there are those who seek to once again unleash the power which led to its destruction. And as Mason quickly discovers, this time it’s not only Myscreth’s fate that hangs in the balance, but Earth’s as well.



Okay, clearly this is a good way to find books. Sifting through the ‘new’ list takes much more time to find good things. -clicks through everything-


I’m writing a dark fantasy series with plenty of magic! There are 4 chapters out so far, but I’ll be publishing the next chapter either later today or tomorrow :slight_smile:



Here’s my thing - it’s an urban supernatural story which involves special powers:
Here’s if you’re looking for sci-fi, but it’s pure technology, maybe with a slight overlap into the superhero genre:


You could try mine? It is a high fantasy with traces of magic, a bunch of made up creatures (for which I am also creating a bestiary) and a big adventure. It is called Alorne and you can find it here if you would like to read it

Read Alorne here!


I can’t wait till I’m at a computer and can read the graphics in your post. The coding there is way cool.


I love that map of Alorne.


Thanks! It took my a while to create it haha


No worries, I got the link and cover to work. I apparently just needed to chat with a robot first.


Oh! Sweet!


My story, Crimson Qi, is on the lighter side, it has high magic setting with demons, sea serpents, faeries, duels etc. It has a bit of a romance, but it takes a while to get going. It’s like a Lady Mediocrity’s Survival Guide for all those not covered by the Heavenly Mandate. :slight_smile:

The teaser has the ending of Book 1. https://www.wattpad.com/story/149542577-crimson-qi



Oooh. I don’t remember the last time I read a fantasy in a setting like that.


I have a fantasy story on Wattpad
All her life, Myra Farrow has been obsessed with medieval castles-and the kings and princes who once inhabited them. Now, wealthy videogame designer Steve Bernard wants her to model for a princess character in his new game. Myra can’t resist his offer, especially when she learns that Steve plans to film inside the mysterious Hue Castle-a cursed, barren, colorless place forbidden to visitors for centuries. But unknown to Myra, her soul is bound to Hue Castle by blood and sorcery. When she enters its doors, she awakens dark powers that will reach through time-stealing her past, torturing her present, and rewriting her future.
Edward Hue, the last of the Hue royal bloodline, has never stood in the sunshine or held a living flower. Cursed from birth to live in darkness and bring death to all he touches, he is at the mercy of his cruel, tyrannical father, who will not rest until he shatters Edward’s soul and makes his son into a diabolical copy of himself. Edward’s one hope is the mysterious woman who haunts his dreams-who will either break his curse and bring him out of the darkness, or destroy him utterly.
For Myra and Edward, past and future collide in a tale of love, obsession, betrayal, and the hope for redemption.


New York Book Festival? Niceee.