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I nominate @FireAlwaysReturns book The Alpha’s Flame (Jane knows the synopsis better)

And yes! Upon Wings of Change was a great book!


Eee this does look amazing. And the headers are gorgeous.


She has lovely chapter banners :calmwolf:


Maybe one of my works may pique your interest. :slightly_smiling_face: The first is a completed Novella, while the other two are ongoing rewrites but I’m focusing more on ATY: R at the moment. The first two are fantasy, but Living Weapons is set more in present-day with some sci-fi elements.

Living Weapons: Eclipse was one of the books that won a Watty in 2015.

Child of Light

Summary: A world that once saw the light of day, Oasia, was shrouded in the shadows of eternal night.

When the sun no longer rose beyond the horizon, catastrophe after catastrophe struck the world’s inhabitants, leaving many without a place to call home. Cities were ripped apart by massive quakes, homes were flooded to the point of no repair, and the hopes of all assailed to oblivion.

A lone child named Kou awoke in the ruins of a building torn in half by the quakes. Their eyes shined bright as if daylight came to greet the world and its inhabitants once more. The ground beneath the child lit up with every step they took along with every object they held. Scared and confused, Kou must discover why they were brought to an unfamiliar world and hopefully, a way home.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/122410407-child-of-light-✔️

A Trillion Years: Rebirth


Summary: The Cursed Generation was known far and wide throughout the world with the belief that they were denied by gods and blessed by demons, causing the generation to be despised by most and worshipped by few.

Where there used to be many, there were only a few left. Identified by their snowy white hair and crimson red eyes, the common traits of the Cursed Generation, Xander and Aurora were among the last remnants that avoided execution.

The world is a dangerous place for children to wander alone but the perilous journey that lies ahead is one they’ll never forget. From childhood to adulthood, the world they knew will forever change with their legacy.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/126038911-a-trillion-years-rebirth-book-one-of-the-igu

Living Weapons: Eclipse


Summary: The Living Weapons Project is a secret government initiated experiment. Over 10,000 individuals vanished from their homes in a single night. Out of the thousands that were experimented on, only seven survived. These seven have been altered to become superhuman. However, each one came with a price. A side effect was imprinted on each of them, whether it was intentional or not.

Zero has lost his identity, his memories, and his emotions. As one of the seven, he is treated like a lab rat and sent on secret missions around the world to eliminate corruption where it stands or so he thought…

Will they escape and live to tell the tale? Or will chaos cause them to turn against one another, turning into a destructive war?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/30318755-living-weapons-eclipse-rewrite-book-four-of-the


Awarded as Honorable Mentions in 2015 NY Book Festival



Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: One day I woke up with a single thought racing throughout my mind, “Stay alive… Find the truth.”

Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and the name given to him at birth, on a cliffside to a world which he doesn’t recognize; a world in which he doesn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor. Follow them as they use the unlimited arts of magic to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth they desire.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/146016605-new-world

Chapters: 16

Please Come Check Out My Story. Thank You


Yes!! Someone likes my headers!

(I like them far too much myself)


Do you like storytelling and creepy houses? Then, you’ll like The Voice, the story of 18 guys and girls who have to tell stories in order to avoid being harshly punished by a mysterious entity called the Voice. You can find it on @leighyeann.


Hi there! I have a story that is a mix of science fiction and urban fantasy.

Title: The Minerva Prophecy

Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/171430081-the-minerva-prophecy

Summary: Crystal’s childhood was anything but normal, plagued by strange happenings and tragedies. Now the founder of a highly successful company, she starts finding strange and unusual things happening to her again. Recurring dreams led her to meet a psychic named Themis, who tells her that she was living the equivalent of two lifetimes in one and that at some point, these lifetimes would converge and collide. Themis also warns her that she is in grave danger. There are people who need her alive and there are people who need her dead. But in order to understand her life and who she truly is, she must confront this situation. Soon after her meeting with Themis, she is ambushed by people looking to capture her. And quickly, Crystal is pulled into a world unlike anything she has ever seen before.


Hi @KeladryAnn, I might just have the thing for you! Its fairly short, just over 12k words and complete, but its the first in a series. It features magic, magical creature powers and demons! You can check it out here! https://www.wattpad.com/667778117-a-devil's-pact-celestial-volume-1-book-1-complete


Blurb - Blake Johnson is not your normal seventeen year old, for one thing he’s attending university a year early! Also, and maybe not as impressive, he can control magical flames to heal himself from almost any injury. Yeah there is that I suppose. When a late night of partying end up in a life or death situation, Blake discovers that to be the good guy, you sometimes have to make a deal with a devil.


Try my book, A Badlands Fairytale!

It’s a fantasy/horror/Western. It revolves around psychic girl and the groups out to destroy/control her. It has creatures, magic, and outlaws.

LINK TO CHAPTER ONE: https://www.wattpad.com/655218388-a-badlands-fairytale-father-john


Hi! I’m going to throw mine into the mix as well. Luma is a YA dark urban fantasy with soft sci-fi elements. Here’s my blurb:

When seventeen-year-old Abbey learns an underground club has popped up on Majestic Isle, an abandoned island amusement park, she drags her best friend, Callie, out for the night of their lives.

Unfortunately, it might be their last.

The club isn’t the haven for misfits Abbey hoped for-it’s a buffet, and the clubgoers are the main dish.

Stragglers from the gritty club disappear, as shadowy creatures race through the broken-down roller coasters and rusty bumper cars looking for leftovers. There’s no cell phone signal, the ferry is missing, and one by one the constant screams fall silent.

No one is supposed to survive the night, and escape seems impossible. All Abbey wants is to go home and forget, but while trying to escape her promised death, she receives a gift that may be the key to preventing an infestation of these creatures, creatures with an insatiable appetite for human flesh-as long as Callie doesn’t stop her.

Home, if Abbey reaches it, is just the beginning. Monsters are real and they’re coming.


hello,im a young writer and would love to share my first story,"who am I read’




//Hazel eyes open, searching for my own. Brown against hazel, mine and his. I could stay like this forever.

Mates are a curse for the ones like me.

From sin made, sinful will remain.

Whatever curse I have, I don’t care, I don’t even care about feeding, or breathing. All I care about is those hazel eyes, and the werewolf they belong to. He’s mine. //

Cleo is a death Witch. Merciless, powerful, greedy , passionate. A Huntress capable of getting any prey she desires.
Malik is a werewolf who gave into his wolf for far too long.
Both lost in their own wild nature.
But be aware that if one of them falls, so does the other, for the biggest of blessings is their curse.
The Huntress and the Beast are meant to be.
Let the Hunt begin.

Hello! I know what you’re thinking, that this is a romance story. The truth is it’s not. It has a back plot of romance, but the story is about a Death Witch that’s hunted by her past. In some parts she’s a merciless Huntress and in others you can’t help but see humanity in her. It’s my first draft of a story. I would love if you gave it a shot. If you don’t believe that this isn’t romance, then check the first chapter :wink:
Lots of love, D.


Everything from alternate worlds to dragons to magic to forbidden love in my seven book series.
Hope you approve.

Living in a home where mirrors are forbidden and a glance in one could bring disaster, Hope Martinez has found her life to be filled with questions. Struggling to survive as a Latina in South Texas, Hope never believed her family was anything special that is until her family’s mysterious power awakes within her. For three long years she has promised her mother to avoid mirrors fearful of the consequences. Now at sixteen, Hope learns there is a beautiful place waiting for her beyond the mirror; one filled with singing flowers, living dresses, dancing pigs, and wonderful magic. Why would such a beautiful place be hidden from her? One reason, Hope has a terrible destiny. She is to destroy the world.



Ohmygoodness. I seriously can’t wait to actually start reading these. I did not expect so many suggestions!
My internet time’s pretty much up for the day, but seriously, thankyouguys


Hi there,

I’ve got a completed book called Trial 017. It’s a superhero story with a sci-fi/fantasy background, written as a collective of memories. It’s also my first time writing, so I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the blurb:

Charlie doesn’t have powers, but everyone else does. Growing up in the shadow of his brother’s genius, Charlie has always been perpetually alone, never fitting into a society built for the able-bodied.

When an innocent visit to his brother’s school thrusts him into the middle of an international crisis, Charlie finds himself in the center of an intense struggle for survival, stranded on an alien planet and hunted by a mysterious organization that seems bent on capturing him alive. Separated from his brother and on the run, Charlie must learn to survive if there is any hope of finding his family and making it home.


KeladryAnn, you sound like my kinda reader. Adventurous. I even have a theme. #ReadDifferent and #GetAwayWithIt

So, my current WIP is called LEAD ME ASTRAY. Since I freelance for a living, I’d like to think it’s well-written. It does, however, contain LGBTQ theme. But along with the pansexuals, there are angels, demons, wolves, vampires, and haunts. Although the blurb capitalizes on the romance aspect, it’s been described as a cozy mystery by some. Care to check it out?

If that’s not your cup of tea, try NonameTK’s The Skylar Experiment series. It’s action-packed teen sci-fi.




Sixteen year old Erin Heartfire would love nothing more than to ignore the dragon bonding ceremonies. While everyone else glorifies the potential to become a rider, she has instead chosen to focus on her work at her father’s smithy.

One day, The King of Dragons comes to her village on the day of the bonding ceremonies. Unknown to Erin, they both share a connection to the past. Now, unable to deny who she is, she heads to the academy to learn what it means to be a dragon rider.

For an ancient evil is awakening, and she is the key to defeating it once and for all.


Hey there! My book is still in the works (five chapters right now) but it has magic, gods, goddesses, demons, and all that jazz. I hope you like it!

Pandora and Quinn wanted nothing the to do with the Nameless War between gods and humans from the beginning, but due to their remarkable abilities and the Natural Orders they represent in the universe they are seen as perfect fits for the fight.
Decades later they are still working for opposite causes, each of them leading their people through the ongoing war. Quinn and Pandora find their lives suddenly colliding together after a rescue mission though and Pandora has no choice but to keep the God of Stars around. She would usually be thrilled to have someone join her in the fight to unite gods and humans, but Pandora has a closet of skeletons from her past. A past Quinn is unknowingly apart of. Now she must juggle her responsibilities as a leader and mentor and find a way to keep the awakening demons in her head at bay.
Loyalties whither and fear awakens in both Pandora and Quinn’s life as the Nameless War approaches its tipping point. The only thing that might change it all is the truth, but Pandora can’t decide what would be worse: to let the past fly free or watch the world burn.