I'm looking into self publishing my book through Amazon, any suggestions?



I’m looking into self-publishing my book through Amazon. I have a few questions. Has anyone done this before? Would you recommend it? Did you publish yours e-book or paperback? How did it turn out?


Many of us have done it (although many more probably shouldn’t have). Many of us would recommend it.

For me: ebooks and paperback. Amazon has been good to me.

What are your questions?


How did it turn out? How many books have you sold? Is there any way to just buy your book at the author price without selling it to the public on Amazon? What do you mean when you say they probably shouldn’t have? Sorry if this is too many questions.


There are a lot of factors that go into self publishing, especially if you want to do it well. Just because a person can make their book available doesn’t mean they should.

Editing, marketing, design, and formatting are all very important. Finding the right people through each stage is just as important. It’s hard to give an exact word of advice, because there’s so much that goes into doing it well.


Thanks for the advice.


I chose ebook only. I didn’t want to bother with formatting a paperback when I believe digital is the future. However, what I’m finding is more and more people want to hold a paper book (me included) so I may have to rethink that. But everyone I speak to says most of their sales come from ebook.

The biggest challenge with self-publishing is marketing. It could be the greatest book ever written, but if no one knows it’s there you won’t sell any.


That makes sense, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :grinning:


Publish the ebook only first. The thing with paperback is that it cannot be deleted ever. So even if you delete its ebook version, the paperback will remain there stuck along with the reviews. Publish the ebook, put it on permafree or make it free in Select for five days, and see how many downloads you get. If you ranked high, then it’s a good sign. If the ebook flops, then you can safely remove it.


Good advice, I’ll keep it in mind.


Generally when I publish I am sure I want that book to exist, so while I lead with ebooks I will get around to a paperback eventually if it is novel-length. I don’t make massive sales but most of my books are rights-reverted books that have already been out for a while before I self-published them. So long as the book is something you are proud of and carefully produced, why not try it?


Hi, there!

I have self-published 14 books in the last 5 years. I would recommend it if you have the patience and time to research, research, research. It pays to read up as much as you can about how to go about self-publishing. There is an entire process an author goes through to even think about publishing…

Writing the story --> Self-editing the story --> Sending out to beta readers to critique the story --> Editing and revising based on their notes --> Sending to editor --> Editing and revising based off their edits --> Finding a cover design for the book --> Finding a formatter or teaching yourself how to format --> and so on and so forth.

I have all my books published through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for e-books and also through Amazon for paperbacks. I also have a couple of books published on Audible for audio books.

My story is a lot different than most self-published authors. I came out of the gates fairly successful. I was netting about $500 a month on average after my first year or so. It was like a part-time job and I was able to take all of that and reinvest it every month. The problem is, I only made this kind of money when I could treat it like a full time job. Since I haven’t been able to in a really long time, my sales are sometimes so minimal it’s funny.

If you have the ambition and drive, I think you can do anything you put your mind to.