I'm new and looking for friends!

Hello @YoureAnOedipuss!

I really like Girl in Pieces, The Fault in our Stars, and Speak. I’m currently reading Divergent and I do like it, but I haven’t finished, so I’m not completely sure.

awe. thanks for the follow too! :sob:

oop. what grade are you in? :eyes:

yeah, not too late to change stuff. :eyes: i wish you luck! :))


I’m in 8th. Starting high school next year lol. How about you?

whoaaaa. nice. are you excited? :eyes:

I’m first year in uni. :see_no_evil:

Yes, also kind of scared, but mostly excited lmao.

woww, how is it?

yeeee. enjoy highschool, I tell you. :joy:


Ok, thanks!

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lol, I will (try)

ahhh… ohh well, I guess you can try to make the best of it.


indeed I can. I’m mostly alone in uni now. :joy:

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Hello, hello! How’s it going?

I’m doing well!

Those are definitely some good ones. What’s Speak about? I don’t think I know that one.

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Glad to hear it! See anything out of the ordinary today?

I had pancakes & Bacon For Dinner!

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Oh that’s nice i saw a yellow bug at work today. which isn’t really out of the ordinary, but i had to let it out of the building because i didn’t want to kill it

I see.


Speak is about a girl who stopped speaking to everyone after being sexually assaulted by this guy at his high school… but later regains her voice.