I'm officially the owner of a publishing company

I filed for an LLC on the 20th and everything went through this morning. That said, the first two books that I plan to publish, I’m putting the first drafts on Wattpad. One will be on my main page, and the other will be on the company’s page. When I get my website set up, I may publish chapters there a couple day earlier than they reach this site just to drive some traffic to my own. Anyway, for now, I’m interested in hosting some contests and giveaways and whatnot on Wattpad to get the company a little attention until the first book is released.

What kind of giveaways/contests/whatever would you all do in this situation? I use Fiverr a lot for covers, so I’m thinking of holding a writing contest where the winner will get a cover at my expense. I also edit, so maybe free editing of up to 10K words. Any other ideas? I’m open to a lot of things. If it helps, the company will mostly focus on urban fiction, fantasy, and children’s books, but I’ll expand as more books are released.

I’m really just trying to build engagement. I know Wattpad popularity doesn’t exactly translate to sales, but even people just knowing about the company will be good.


Critique and beta readers services? But for those you would need a team of sorts or a form to get the people willing to do it for certain genres and then work on them with the books that come your way

Tell us about your company. Are you charging for publication? If not, what’s your income stream? Who is designing your covers? Are you providing developmental and line editing in addition to copy editing? What are you offering that writers can’t do via self publishing?



As you’re now the owner of a company, I do need to make you aware of Wattpad’s approach to others trying to use Wattpad to further their own business interests.

As a user you can hold little contests as long as they’re in line with our Guidelines, but if you’re doing a contest as a business for some form of monetary gain, or indeed using Wattpad for business purposes or services then you may well end up falling foul of our Terms of Service and particularly our Code of Conduct.

Regards, Gavin


Nope. Not charging authors for anything at all. I’m not making my money from them. I’m starting the company with my own money, and then I’m reinvesting what my books earn. It’ll actually be a while before I take on other authors because I want to be able to fund their projects properly. I know several cover designers (half of my FB friends list is people involved in publishing), and I have a great relationship with one of them. I’d also outsource to Fiverr. I’ll do copyediting for some projects and outsource it for some (probably most), but all books will get line and copyediting at the very least. I’ll probably skip developmental editing for myself but not for my authors. I’m not here to convince anyone not to self publish. If that’s what they want to do, they should do that. If they don’t want to, they shouldn’t. Only thing any publishing company can offer is taking the financial burden off of the author.

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I got my book cover from Fiverr, I think that is a great idea for a give away! There are some super talented people over there!

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I don’t really wanna offer things that can be found right here in the forum, though. Critiquing is possible, though, from the perspective of whether or not I’d accept their book.

My favorite cover came from there and was only $17. It’s a great site.

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It definitely is, plus your helping support artists from all over the world!

I think they meant Wattpad, not just this forum. Be careful how you use it. They don’t want you to be getting free advertising out of their product.

Are there other publishing companies on Wattpad?

Yeah, I know. But I literally laid out my intentions. I asked for advice on exactly what I was trying to do, lol

And yes, there are other publishing companies on here.

I mean editing and making covers is also something in here :shrug:

I do know of someone recently pretending to be an “editing company”, and advertising it in many places. They looked too shady for me.

And congratz, Ree! I wish you the best <3

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The vast majority of users here aren’t offering professional editing or covers that are eligible for commercial use, and you already know that.

Editing and covers here are on another level than true paid and professional services.

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If you ever need a copyeditor :wink: :wink: (Though I’ll most likely come knocking at your PM door when my plans become reality).

How long do you think it’ll take before you can represent other authors?

Depending on when I can finish my books and how well they do, maybe as soon as January/February of next year. If not, I’ll shoot for next summer. I don’t want to underdeliver because my marketing skills aren’t up to par yet or I can’t afford high-quality services.

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The forums are counted as being a part of Wattpad, so yes, I meant the forums and Wattpad. Thanks

Edited for the sake of professionalism :joy: