I'm pretty sure this is my eighth scam in only a few months... What's up with that?


Hey, everyone!

So, just the other day, I’ve been contacted by “Dreame” - a supposedly new pay-per-chapter reading app based in Singapore - to sign over the rights to my most popular book on Wattpad. I turned down the offer - both due to the fact that I’m underage and some other factors.

That being said, this is not the first time I’ve been contacted by other “new apps” like Dreame and other sites. Now, some do exist and some seemed legit, but I’m always left wondering whether the supposed “representative” is ACTUALLY a representative of the company or if they’re just scamming people with fake offers to get their rights off of them.

Since this is about my EIGHTH experience with this type of thing in the last three months, I wanted to ask how everyone feels about these experiences! Have you ever gotten a legitimate offer? What are your experiences with what I’m assuming to be scams - and I don’t think I’m wrong. Do actual representatives ever actually go on sites like Wattpad and try to recruit writers?

Thanks and can’t wait to here everyone’s thoughts and experiences!


I’m feeling left out - I’ve never had one of the scam publishers contact me… lol

To answer your question I don’t think legitimate agents/publishers are trawling Wattpad looking for writers to snap up. Someone please correct me if it has happened? The only Wattpad success stories I know are where writers queried and landed an agent/deal or sold their story through Wattpad AllStars.


Ugh. I’ve had my fair share of these. I’ve ignored them all. And I know of a ton of people who’ve been getting this Dreame message. Sounds like they are contacting a lot of people with popular books. It’s not cool to do business this way.

Did they even personalize your message? That’s a good indication of how sincere they are. Only once did I have someone message me who seemed legit. Her message talked a lot about my book - what she loved and what she thought needed work - all fair points. And when I researched her, she was an actual editor with a small publisher and she was more than willing to give me all her contact info.

I think the only way to know for sure is to ask for an email address and more info about the company. You could also ask for references and see who else they’ve worked with. If they are too lazy to tell you then run away!


same :joy: not even the scams want my stories :sob::sob::sob:


Please report them with a screenshot. It is unacceptable that they solicit WP authors for their own platform. for more details, see this pinned thread


I had one not that long ago and was just approached by another person today. Thanks seem to be out in force at the moment.

I just report them.


Very, very rarely, and the ones who are approached have 1M+ reads.


I was also contacted by Dreame, but it was fishy because they chose a book that I wrote a long time ago and the quality was terrible. So I ignored the offer because I didn’t want to be part of a site where quality is overlooked.


Lol, don’t feel left out! It’s honestly really annoying…

Thanks for the insight though! I thought the same thing!


All of my messages have been personalized - including this one.

Though, since most only praise the book, they never seem legit to me. Like I can look up the editor and check out if they’re real or such, but the editor could be real without the person messaging me BEING that editor, you know?

I don’t know. Though they give specific examples when praising my book and I’ve looked them up and most have been “legit”, I feel like it’s just people pretending to be editors and stuff since there’s no “constructive criticism” as you mentioned…

Thanks for the tips though! I really appreciate it :blush:


There’s a rule against legit offers??? Or just scams? I don’t understand by the wording of the message, sorry!


Thanks for the response! They’re damn annoying, aren’t they? :joy::joy:


That’s what I thought. They always seem very fishy to me and I don’t even have CLOSE to 1M reads!


I think a lot of people get the same offers. Not sure if it’s an actual scam or not, but either way I told them I wasn’t interested - I feel bad if I don’t reply, lol. Glad to know I’m not alone!


There’s a rule against using Wattpad for business, in any way. I’m pretty sure that includes legit offers, but then, you have to wonder if a legit publisher would operate that way.
I’ve heard of a few people, who had been approached by Radish back when it was starting out but not directly on Wattpad but rather on their other social media they had linked in their bios.


This type of offer is never legit, sorry. Unless you have milions of reads Maybe, just maybe somebody will look for you. It’s highly unlikely, though. These people are scammers, trying to suck in unsuspecting authors.


There’s a lot of popular books on WP that got published through being approached by others through WP though, so I’m not completely sure about that rule you’re talking about. Like, scams are totally reportable, but I’m not so sure that approaching people about legit business isn’t allowed…?


Oh, yeah, I know. It’s why I put “scam” in the title. I’m just wondering why there’s SO MANY scams, you know? Like I said, this is my EIGHTH scam offer in just three months! It’s ridiculous! :joy:


Here’s a link to their terms of service, feel free to tell me how you’d interpret no. 4D

You agree not to use the Website for any commercial use, without the prior written authorization of Wattpad.com. Prohibited commercial uses include any of the following actions taken without Wattpad.com’s express approval:

  • sale of access to the Website or its related services on another website;
  • use of the Website or its related services for the primary purpose of gaining advertising or subscription revenue;
  • the sale of advertising, on the Wattpad.com website or any third-party website, targeted to the content of specific User Submissions or Wattpad.com content;
  • and any use of the Website or its related services that Wattpad.com finds, in its sole discretion, to use Wattpad.com’s resources or User Submissions with the effect of competing with or displacing the market for Wattpad.com, Wattpad.com content, or its User Submissions.

My interpretation is, that Wattpad is meant for people’s personal use, meaning that opening an account with the sole purpose of monetary gain is prohibited, unless you have permission by Wattpad to do so.
Using a Wattpad account to scout for and contact writers with the intention to contract them and publish their work is aimed at monetary gain.

The paragraph doesn’t specify about your intentions and if they’re honest or not, it prohibits commercial use in general.

Now, it doesn’t say it’s forbidden to want to approach Wattpad users with publishing offers, you just can’t do it on Wattpad. You can, however, ask for other contact details and how to reach them.

And lastly, just because it has happened in the past that users’ works have been published (either through legit or not so legit offers) after they’ve been approached on Wattpad, doesn’t mean it was within guidelines.


Well, you surely are popular! But it’s perhaps not the type of attention one wants:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: