I'm ready to help serious writers with their work! [CLOSED]

I’m an editor looking for a writer who is SERIOUS about improving and finishing their work
My name is Natalie and I’m a creative writing major in NYC. I plan on being both a writer and an editor once I graduate and would love the opportunity to hone my editing skills while helping you improve your work. I’ve taken workshops in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry and therefore am prepared to help and offer input no matter the genre.

I’m open to helping any genre, but am hesitant when it comes to fanfiction unless it’s a fic about something I’m interested in (simply because I think fanfiction is written for fans and therefore if I know nothing about the subject I don’t know how much help I could be). I would focus on ALL aspects of writing from plot, to characters, to grammar, structure, etc.

My main thing is that you can’t quit or disappear. I’ve done this in the past where the writers disappear without a trace after 1 or 2 chapters. If you no longer wish to continue tell me and tell me why. I am harsh and thorough because I don’t believe sugar coated feedback will ever be helpful.

Please don’t use Grammarly or any other service like that. Every professor I have ever had has been against it and I have grown to agree. You’re never going to grow as a writer if a robot is fixing your mistakes rather than yourself. I won’t be irritated if the grammar is bad, we’ll take it as a learning opportunity. You’re only ever going to become a better writer by writing–and writing poorly.

If you would like my help, reply to this with a bit of info about your story and if I’m interested in helping you I will reply or message you privately. Also it would be helpful to mention what aspect you would want me to pay the most attention to (plot, characters, sentence structure, etc).

All I ask in return for taking the time to edit your work is a follow and a dedication/shoutout.

Again, make sure you’re SERIOUS about your work and improving because I do not wish to waste my time, I’ve got a lot of homework to do

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  1. Title

  2. Short description/summary of your work (do no copy and paste the blurb–I want an actual, helpful description)

  3. Whether or not it’s completed (if it’s not completed, where are you at length wise?)

  4. What you think you’re biggest issue is and what you would like me to focus on (be prepared, your biggest issue might not be what you think it is!)

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This sounds interesting. Do you read mature? I write mxm.

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BTW, edit your profile to include the wattpad link might help with the follows, etc. You are also relatively new, so hanging out in Improve Your Writing a bit and relevant places, and being open about genre, etc, will also help you out. This will make people trust your editing skill more by knowing your various quirks as they get to know you.

I know Twitter is a blackhole, but joining relevant hashtags might also help you a bit.

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Yes! I’m pretty much open to reading anything

Hello, hopefully I have something that might interest you!
Title: Slate
Short description: The family life of twins Will and Athena Slate is thrown into disarray when their father announces the return of an estranged older brother, who disappeared seven years ago due to a violent confrontation.
It’s completed!
I guess I’m just having trouble with making certain characters and themes coming through as well as I would like. It’s kind of a second draft, and I’m still not entirely happy with it, so another opinion would be very helpful :heart:
Thanks for the consideration!
(Sorry, I forgot the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/159718323-slate-✔)

Cool So, here goes.

  1. Blood and Time
  2. Book 4 of a series-- Premise is: A brother’s conflict for the majick of Ether. Nick, who possessed the majick first has been given a new life by his mother and just wants to pretend he was never a demigod. Cyan, Nick’s younger brother possessed the majick last, and wants to keep it.
    Neither have ever met until time aligns on New Year’s Eve on all planes of existence.
  3. Currently, only the very first part has been published here on Wattpad, but so far it’s around 10k.
  4. I want to keep the plot consistent without deviation into things that don’t need to be.

Do I need to read the first books in the series to understand this one or can it stand alone?

Hi! I’m interested in helping you with your story! Is it okay if I PM you? I don’t want it to get messy with replies in here

Go for it!

I am trying to write it so you don’t.

  1. Title:Angelic Desire:A Deadly Reunion

  2. Short description/summary of your work (do no copy and paste the blurb–I want an actual, helpful description)
    A ten year high school reunion reunites four friends who went through the ups and downs in their relationship. What will happen when one of them ends up dead from a boating accident due to a rainstorm. Can they solve the case without letting their past come back to haunt them? What lengths will they go to uncover the truth?

  3. Whether or not it’s completed (if it’s not completed, where are you at length wise?)
    Completed and has 21 chapters (plus a spin off for a second possible book :slight_smile:

  4. What you think you’re biggest issue is and what you would like me to focus on (be prepared, your biggest issue might not be what you think it is!) Besides tenses… everything basically.

OOC: I have an idea to turn it into a supernatural thriller… but I may need help with a few things.

can you send me the link to the story so I can check it out?

I have it on google docs if you want that?

Before I agree to edit it I want to take a look at the first chapter and the description more closely.

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Yep, I can pm you the full blurb and the first chapter. Just know I re-wrote some of it here and there, so bits and parts haven’t been fully edited yet… as I wanted to try something new to it.

My blurb is pretty much a discription of what happens, but i guess i could try do an overview. (Note that above is not my blurb it is an overview)

To be fair, I use grammarly as a last resort, but generally I try to edit as much as I can by myself (since i only have the free version of grammarly it doesn’t really do much anyway).

I am VERY interested!

  1. The Mermaid’s Prophecy
  2. An ambitious mermaid aims to fulfill a prophecy but in doing so, she brings disaster upon her family and loses herself
  3. Not completed, the next chapter will be Chapter 11 but I am currently going back to try and clean up previous chapters
  4. I think my biggest issue is somewhere in between needing help with my creative writing (ex. explaining his eyes as “a deep blue” instead of “a deep azure”) and having more plot than character (ex. my characters feel like they’re just going along with the flow rather than having a distinctive voice of how they would think or react to something but I know every step they need to make all the way to the end of the book)

Thank you so much for your consideration! I really hope I get to work with you!

im serious i need your help to polish my story. i have been looking for an editor .pls help me .
the story is about a female lead with a a rough childhood .her mother ignores her.her step family ignores her,her boyfriends choose her sister over her,all in together she doesnt believe in a right person for her. thats where her neighbour comes in .he is rude at the first meeting but grows to like her.he chooses her over her sister
this is my basic plot.i already made a plot outline.
this is not the summary

  • Title: The Truth About Us
  • Short description/summary of your work: Twins, Cameron and Samara. After their 18th birthday they are contacted online and the person reveals that they were adopted. The story is about them handling the news and their thought process as they meet their birth parents. There is a little bit of romance as well between Samara and a side character Noah.
  • Whether or not it’s completed: 19 so far, working on chapter 20, it is nearing the end.
  • What you think you’re biggest issue is and what you would like me to focus on: I think my biggest issue is pacing, I’ve really tried to be careful not to go to quick and explain but I would love another set of eyes.

Thank you for considering!