I'm staying in my lane


I admit…sometimes I have to urge to chase the money and write for what seems to be selling the most, but I just can’t! I have to stay in my own lane and write what flows from my heart. Even if my audience doesn’t know me yet, I am loyal.



Keep that attitude! You will have a much more fulfilling writing career and life if you write what makes you happy. If your only goal is to make money, then sure, write what sells. But if you write mainly because you love it and would rather have 100 dedicated readers sharing joy in your book over 100$ for something you don’t really care about, then keep writing from the heart. Ideally, you want it to sell, but passionate readers are so much more valuable.


Twank you:). I am loyal to my heart. I hope to be appreciated for what I love to do, meaning make a living doing what I love to do best and that is write from the heart about what is important to me. I am a survivor of childhood abuse, domestic violence and I have opened up about the dirty secrets to share in hopes that somebody, well a few somebodies will relate.


Yes! stay true to what your heart wants to write. What you heart wants to write will be better quality and better material than somethings that’s forced and not interesting to you! Readers will always appreciate if you write from your heart because it’ll be more interesting AND it’s what you want. :slight_smile:


Good luck!


I mean thats life decision…you take it or leave it.


How do you think I feel? I’ve been writing for a long assed time and people here want me to write for them, write for money, fame, and fortune, and I’m like, “Nope. Not interested.” I have my own path to take in life (and a writer/author) that doesn’t include any of you.


I would like to get paid for my writing, because I want to give and then someone can give back…its like an sign of appreciation


Sure, its just that authorship may not become your sole means of income then, and you might have to do some other job for money to survive, hence lesser time for writing. Maybe you could do something like ACD, you could write popular fiction for income and once in a while write about your interesting topics. ACD got tired of writing Sherlock Holmes and preferred his other works instead, but the world remembers him for Holmes. Just a thought.


Boi oh boi do I get it! I have to stick to why I began in the first place. Funny, but I hated creative writing, infact, next to algebra that was my worse subject. I just didn’t like writing what they wanted me to write. I wanted to write what I wanted to period… I got a B in that class though…LOL


QueenCrzy101 I understand I really do. Especially when I see others getting paid the big bucks for genres I care nothing about. I just stick to the belief that if I keep writing, I will get there (making a living doing what I love to do).


Minitronian that is a fantastic idea except I go blank when I am trying to write something else. I mean I could do it but it would take me so much longer than writing from the heart. My issue is connections with the right people to get exposure I hope. Well who knows. I know other authors that used to have waiting lists to get their books now their books are not selling like they used to. Sad but true.


One of my FB contacts “spawn” is in college and she showed her (and us) what Linear Algebra is.

Seeing that made me realize why I despise Common Core Math so much.


LOL LOL:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you got that right! Algebra completely discombobulated my studies…LOL


Everyone here wants me to break up my massive 300,000 word “fantasy” novel (actually it was sci-fi) into a trilogy.

I posted on Facebook today: “Listen peeps! If I wanted to break up my massive books into “trilogies” I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of writing a 400,000 word monster novel period.”

That’s the problem with everyone who “conforms” versus people like me who is like, “Nooo…not going to do that. I have my own ideas.”

But we’re also a minority, so we’re not exactly welcome on writing sites like this one. If you haven’t heard and figured out what’s going on, I’ve been stringently mocked and made fun of by everyone for sticking to my guns these past few years.

And I’m not blaming people for doing that because I’ve been finding out that most everyone here is already a grade level above dumb and stupid. It used to be where 20 years ago, everyone understood what you were doing as a writer, could follow along, and understand what you’re writing.

Today? Not so much.

So the hatred subsists because I have to take a stand and explain things to people in painful detail in the hopes they will understand. But unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way.


This is not right! I am with you, you keep your novel the way you want. I was told by a publishing company to shorten my book and I did it, now I regret it because my audience, my followers love longer pieces from me. so after that I made up my mind to do me and stay in my lane. To tell the truth, all of us (authors/writers) are crazy anyway. Well you have to be crazy to sit down and work and complete a piece and to think that somebody you don’t know wants to read your work… LOL

I have to go for a bit, I’ll be back to finish this talk with you okay.


But how when you are turning down your opportunities


Faith is what I have and that’s all I have…LOL Are you struggling with this issue?


nope…but you are saying that one day you will get paid and stuff but im just saying you are turning down every opportunity.


there are many doors that will open and if not we build our own! i agree to stay true to ourselves and what we love/want to write.