I'm very lonely and I need someone


I’m lucky we have so much space to have him on.
Mine usually don’t eat a lot unless you pick it - especially by the start\end of the growing season


Ohh, that’s gray rabbit ears in the bottom!

We usually have dwarf rabbits, but…yeah we neglect them. We only have one left, and her sister died a long time ago. She’s now withering away alone


k i’d send a picture of my cat but whenever I approach it it turns its back to me


That is… almost as bad as that cold glare before walking away


nah my cat doesn’t even look at me lmao

(seriously, I have to be as loud as I can for me to get its attention)


Feed it ham or tuna. You’ll get attention, alright


yEahhhh you’re right, since the only time it acts like a normal pet is when it wants tuna…(can’t feed it too much tuna, but I enjoy the brief attention)


We turned a traumatised stray cat into a purring little daredevil in a month with enoughham


oof I’ve had my cat ever since it was a month old, spoiled as hell, still won’t give us the time of day (its 8 years old now, btw)


Wow. That cat is evil


Still, that’s it’s “nice” side, you should see it with strangers…
Try and pet it and you’ll find yourself running for your life


haha, it’s a fake! we bought him a bunny statue but he doesn’t like it.

I’m so sad for her! I hope she’s taken good care of! Bunnies get easily deperessed if you don’t give them the contact they need every day, at least 1 hour.
My previous bunny died a few months after his brother had to be put down due to cancer. It teached way to young me a lession I promised to never repeat when I got the one I have now.