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I love the science fiction genre and would love to give my help to fellow science fiction writers. Anything you need I can help with. If you want to talk about plot, if you need advice, critique, anything! I won’t read fan-fiction-- I’m sorry it’s just really not my thing.

If you’re bored check out my book, but you don’t have to. I’ll help you no matter what :slight_smile:


Hi, I was wondering if you would be interested in checking out three of my chapters of my story Cast of Heroes. I recently updated it to cut back on my info dumping. I just want to know if the pacing and description was spot on. Anything you provide will be helpful!


If you can’t do three chapters, you can do one chapter. :slight_smile:


Read for read, comment for comment?
Rainbow Guardians

Starland is a planet that is full of hope and light. However, long-oppressed darkness is awakening and threatens the dimension starting from there. Lord Stephen Hugo and Shadow Galactica try to revive the imperial wishes of Negavise, becoming the Harmonial Emperor. To obtain this wish, the exiled and oppressed side of the darkness has to crash the five kingdoms. The Harmony Dimension is facing an existential crisis. The cores of their planets are about to perish! The princesses of the five kingdoms, Nelly, Anny, Julia, Shanya and Neesha have to stop this before it’s too late. However, will they succeed?



here’s the link to my story and I would love it if you could help me with the plot :slight_smile:



Hi! Would you be interested in helping me find plot holes within my sci-fi novel The Tag Bearer?

If you’re interested, as payment I can make a new cover for your novel. (I make most of my own and I’ve made some for others too)


I’d love you to check out and see if we can make the story better. Game of Mass Destruction

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I can tell that you have a place that you have in your mind that you want to get to by reading your story. I have the feeling that this story has a lot of potential, and will probably be something that readers will take a major interest in due to its main themes. If you are having trouble getting readers to stick with your book (and you might not be) then I would cut the amount of “sci-fi speech” you use. What I mean is that if you throw out too many names of things like quantum energy, quantum stone, finder, AI Androids, etc. your fans may not follow without deepening explanation. The characters and technology, which I feel you very well understand in your own mind, is a little difficult to understand in a reader’s mind. Try to distance yourself from your own writing. I like to use a text to speech reader online to have my book read to me and then I try to imagine I have no idea what the plot is of the book. If you listen from the standpoint of someone who has no idea who these people are ask yourself how quickly you grow to like and understand them. Ask yourself the questions I ask myself: do I like these people? Do I understand them? Would I care if they get hurt? Do I understand what is happening here? Do I get hooked? If not, adjust your pacing. Readers won’t care just because you do. Make me cry for them. Make me smile when they win. Your plot has so much potential and I can feel your passion. This could be the base for something potentially very fun and compelling, with a cast of lovable and memorable characters. Keep going!


I will definitely help you, I do work today, so I may need a little time. I actually made my own cover and it’s exactly what I wanted it to be, but I greatly appreciate your offer. I’ll be reading soon!


Thanks for your feedback! It was very helpful!

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Hey, if this doesn’t count as sci-fi, then you don’t have to review it, but I’d love it if you could review the first three chapters (just skip the prologue and intro please) of Atomic, which goes somewhat into anxieties about genetic experimentation and nuclear energy.

But if you don’t consider science-based superheroes sci-fi, I apologize for intruding on the thread.

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Hi, I’ve been concerned that my pace might be a little bit too slow. I finished writing my book a while ago, but wanted to change and rewrite it and one thing a lot of people mentioned was that they wanted a slower introduction, but I’m afraid I might not have made it interesting enough? I’d really appreciate some help, and I’d be happy to check out your book :slight_smile:

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Is there anything you want advice on? This is more of an advice column.


I’ve read your story and you are a very good writer. Do you have any plot specifics you want to discuss? Pacing? Where to go? Spit-balling ideas off of me?


Hi, Hollie, before I read any further I just want to ask why you are writing first person past tense. It doesn’t seem like your character is writing the story from a place in the future, so writing in first person past tense is really confusing for me to read and distances me from the story. I keep waiting for it to switch into first person present and your character to talk to me and it doesn’t. Your plot seems to be very entertaining and you are a very creative writer, I just want to make sure you’re choosing the right tense for this story so you’re not needlessly losing readers to that.

“The street in which we marched was in ruins.” Trying to put things in this awkward tense has made things grammatically sound strange.

“The street we march is in ruins.” Present
“The street we marched was in ruins.” Past

“The mist hangs in cold clouds above our heads.” Present (puts me in the action.)
“The mist hung in cold clouds above our heads.” Past (makes me wonder why this significant day is being looked back on what currently is happening to her.)

Hope that helps. If you have any specific things you want me to help you with please let me know. I think your story has a lot of promise based on how character’s emotions are expressed and the balance between prose and frill. I like it a lot.


I usually mix SciFi and fantasy

You’ve taken a really special route in going with a sci-fi comedy, which is traditionally probably my favorite genre of book. It’s a little difficult for me to advise you on how you can improve when, stylistically, you’ve gone for a very different approach than I do when I write. I think that if I could give you any advice based off the several chapters that I read, it would be to consider what you want the purpose of your novel to be. Are you looking for characters that your readers sympathize with, or are you looking to amuse your readers with creativity and humor? I’m not sure if you’re an anime fan, but it’s kind of the difference between me watching Hetalia VS watching a WWII documentary. Both are entertaining, but they make me feel very differently. I would really like your ideas to talk about this with you further.

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You have a good idea of what you’re doing, I can tell by the intro that you’ve added. I also can tell that you have put a lot of love and effort into writing this, so I would really like to help you. The main problem I see, and that a lot of sci-fi writers mess up with, is that they start with the action. It’s not always bad to do this, but if you do it, you have to immediately pull-back and let the reader catch up. I know you know who your characters are, and I’m sure you love them dearly, but I don’t know who they are… I can’t get caught up in your action no matter how good the writing is, or how good the plot is, because I don’t care what’s happening to your characters. When you read a story and your breath is taken away it’s because you care what’s happening to the characters. Take a step back, and ask yourself, who is your MC? What does she love, hate? What annoys her? What does she get excited about? What is she good at? I want to know her. Keep in mind that when you take a reader so far out of reality, the characters have to be relatable, or readers can’t feel connected.

Ah, okay. I’m going to go back to fix it.

Pacing is the hardest thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve questioned my pacing, or had someone tell me that I’ve messed up. I’m not sure what people would mean by saying they want a slower introduction. You are one of the few people I’ve seen successfully do the action clip in the prologue, and then knowledgeably go back to introduce the character. You’d be surprised at how few people actually introduce their characters. I do think that there may need to be some re-working. The only advice I can give with the 5 chapters you have up is that the Hayden chapter seems out of place. I’m just kind of confused by it. If you want to talk plot message me back! I’d love to see where you plan on going with this.

Awesome! I was aiming for a tone of humour and darkness and humour is what keeps me going to be honest. I think there’s some characters I want to feel sorry for and others not but my biggest weakness so far is that the only character that stands out is the main villain Sia and everyone else isn’t as intriguing as her.

I kind of want to do both. I want to scare, amuse and thrill the reader at the same time. I wanted it to be a serious story but it naturally falls into humour.

I am an anime fan. The manga/film/novel Battle Royale is a main source of inspiration for my work.

Look forward to talking more with you.