Image Description Thread!


Hey guys! So a good way for us to improve our writing of visuals such as people, places, and things is by looking up images.Even looking outside for a model (such as a mansion in the center of a big city). The possibilities are endless.

So I thought we could have a little fun with image writing and descriptions. What we will do is find an image on Google and insert it into the thread and then write about that image. The person who will post another picture will critique the person’s writing from the previous post. The point is not to “rate the writing” but to give constructive criticism on how to improve their visual writing. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions as well. This is all about improving writing! Don’t be afraid to add dialogue if you have an image of two or more people!

Keep it to one paragraph, two tops :slight_smile:

Here’s my image:

The forgotten garden was my mother’s favorite place to play as a child. She loved the smell of the fresh wild violets as they began their brief life in springtime. She said it was a place of pure beauty and I wish I could see it, but the only phone booth in the area is drowning in the overgrowth. I can only think of the snakes as they slither uphill into the woods, or the way the bees buzz around my ears, bringing back the memories of how bees stung me the last time my mother brought me here. I suppose I am one of those people that doesn’t see the beauty in unbridled nature. But she also said I have unbelieving eyes, whatever that meant to her.


This is gorgeous and vivid. It paints a picture while sprinkling in character description. Good job!

The rippling water, a brilliant blue amazed Sumi. She hadn’t seen a pond before. The bushes that grew nearby, teaming with life were ripe with fresh berries. Danforth picked a few for them, and shared them with her. He was right that she’d love such a beautiful, quaint area.


I really like your visual descriptions. Your words flow together beautifully. However, I did feel that your description had less to do with the image. Except for the first sentence, nothing else in your description could be connected to the visuals in the image. That aside, you write great descriptions!


The interiors of this room were vivacious. Tangerine coloured carpets lined the floor, differently shaped couches surrounded a small rectangular table in the middle of the room, a fire was lit in the fireplace to the side and abstract paintings and posters decked the beige brick walls.

There was a pool table on one side, a foosball table and a shelf containing board games on the other. A projector was mounted on the ceiling and Inaaya spotted three TV screens in the room. A huge one placed in front of the couches and she could imagine herself having endless movie nights here. Inaaya took an instant liking to the energetic air of this room.
(This is an excerpt I wrote for my ongoing work. :D)


It’s good, I just wish there was more about how the area felt, like the vibe it gave off, strictly just sticking to what you see is good, and it works but there also feels like there’s something missing. People don’t just see they also smell, hear, taste… Try to use all senses to your advantage.

I knew that when traveling into the future, I wouldn’t like what I saw but arriving here was never what I expected. I never expected to see the one thing I cared the most about falling apart in such a horrific manner.

I had arrived back at my high school theater, the room looked as though no one had been here in hundreds of years, The once blue and white walls were now falling apart; The paint on the walls curling down from years of moisture.

the windows that once used to be my favorite part of the room, were now destroyed, some of them barely hanging on to the hinges. Nothing in this room was untouched from the destruction that came along with age.

Everything was destroyed, the ceiling looked as though at any moment it was going to fall apart and cave in and the floor didn’t even look like a floor anymore. Looked like I was outside playing in dirt.

This was not what I was expecting from going into the future, this theater was my home… What could cause such calamity? Such destruction? Such abandonment?

I didn’t mean to write a novel I’m sorry xD