IMPORTANT! Changes to the Share Your Story threads!!

First of all, the first post in every SYS has general Guidelines for that thread. In addition all of the SYS areas now have new Category Guideline threads which have expanded information.

Beginning at midnight Eastern Standard (Toronto) Time the morning of May 22, 2020 all Share Your Story threads will refresh at the same time every week.

That means that you will always know when the SYS will refresh and you won’t have to backtrack to check the times. This will make it easier for everyone and eliminate confusion that leads to multiple SYS posts.

Also note that there is a link to my Wattpad main PM in every English SYS thread first post so you can easily reach me with question or suggestions.


I would say first of all t is kind of unfair how people go the back of the queue because people wake up midnight in order for this. So, instead, we do it like a critique thread. Once a user replys the one before that goes down and you are not allowed to reply for a day instead.



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Thanks a lot for the tag, Janey! :heart:

This is both useful & clear-cut (especially for us new at wattpad), thanks!

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So… Basically we’re going back to how things used to be years ago? With the forums overloading every Friday because everyone posts in SYS at the same time?

Uh, this is a good idea how? >__>

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Midnight? :weary:

That will be a problem. :see_no_evil:

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This is not the old forum. This is also a work in progress. I will be making small changes and working out kinks as it goes. All in all, this is a positives step for the following reasons:

  • Rather than the confusion and double posting caused by scattered refreshes, they will all refresh at the same time. Users can post all of their stories in every SYS they use on the same day, same time.
  • The list are being done by one person (me). They’re more consistent and uniform and easier to change or modify.
  • The Guidelines have been clarified as well.

There are presently 78 SYS threads in the English Area alone and those are the ones concerned here. Spanish and German have their own SYS and other languages may follow as we gain Moderators who speak other languages and are willing to take on the task. Some categories—like Short Story, Romance or Fan Fiction—have as many as 10 lists, some have only one. Lists can be added—or removed—as needed. We don’t have the huge single lists that the old forum had because those areas have been given several lists.

The majority of SYS posters who communicated with me gave a preference for Friday so they have the weekend to post. The time is EST because that’s my time zone. It’s midnight because that’s easier for me. The day may change, but that’s probably going to be the time as long as I’m doing the posting.

There’s a link to my Wattpad profile on the SYS pages (and at the end of this message). If you have questions or suggestions feel free to PM me there.

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Overall, I’m fine with it. The time is somewhat a problem to me as I most probably won’t be able to share my story fast enough to be in the first and it’s easier to be noticed when you’re in the first 10 or so. Based on personal experiences.


I didn’t even know this! :joy:


:wink: it’s the case for the SYS that are the most popular. Example: romance


The lists are a lot more manageable than before. If there’s a lot of competition in a list you’re posting in, consider whether or not your story would fit another sub list with fewer posters. There tends to be a lot more posts in a ‘general’ thread, but most stories would fit another sub list. Just place the necessary tags and post away. You can even experiment with all the sub lists that fit your story to see which one gives you the most exposure. Knowing the exact posting time and day will make that easier to do as well.

It’s possible, as I get the process streamlined, that I may stagger the posting times, but we’ll see.


…The pins.

This sounds so much easier to deal with than the previous way! I like this change, though I get that it could make things more competitive it’s a lot more convenient.

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