Important! Do NOT erase the old Wattpad forum!


I come here in urgent need because I heard of a disheartening rumor:

“What would you do if all the threads were deleted? Wattpad staff is currently considering this.”

This would be nightmare gone real for me.

Sure I would love to try a new forum. I always look forward when the old forum get updated, and new forum is not a bad idea. This got potential, and I see many good benefit from doing so.

However, I am completely against erasing the old threads.

By mean completely, I mean, I don’t mind if you delete LOTS of the old threads to empty some space. I understand that it clog the site. Cleanup is fine. However there’s many threads, especially some that belong to me, that cannot and should not be deleted for many reasons.

What I’m talking about is not the random chat thread. What I’m talking about is this kind of thread:

Epic Battle Game - Edition XIV

Try to navigate down there.

I organize every (literally) past threads, with no exception. Each rounds, each submission, every single event on the game is organized properly. This is very crucial for the old and new member because we constantly in need to dig through old information for sake of the game. Even if not, the new member can learn about our history and “how to play” from our old activity.

Even if I backup them to Google Docs, it’s still not possible. This would HEAVILY damage the community.

The game is part of the community. Every discussion, every comments, and the experience gained from the moment everything posted, every reaction, every response… they’re all part of EBG and inseparable. I even encourage new player to backlog through them and I organize a complete list to every scene written in the story.

Removing them is equal to say that you can safely remove an old historical site without it erasing the historical value of the said monument.

I am open on using the new forum. It’s cool and got many fun things! However, other than the new forum still lack many things that’s important to the EBG community, such as the paging layout, it’s still not usable for the community.

Beside, if the community goes from there to here, I will lose most of my member. Not everyone willing to move here. I want EBG to stay in the old forum, at least, until we makes further agreement, that will be discussed later when the new forum is finished.

But all in all, in bold text summary of this issues, I demand that no one delete the old thread. At least not without further notice, and without our consent. Because I got things to organize. This community is my home and my family.

For those who think that deleting the old forum is fine because it’s not of us… such as this…


This is where I need to confirm you that we need the old thread. Some of them are very important, even crucial, and already organized to every of its function. At least it’s that way for my community. So if the old threads are deleted, the damage is so severe that it’s irreversible.

So please, let them be. At least the important threads need to stay.


I don’t think this new forum and the old forum will coexist (@uncleL?) if it becomes official.

I read the EBG post (I have followed it silently off and on), as well as the rules, and I don’t see anywhere that says reading or visiting old threads and posts is a requirement to the game.

If old threads are so important, wouldn’t summarizing them be easier? Especially for the community. Summarizing might even make newscomers feel more welcome, since they could backlog without having to go through 13 threads. This is just my suggestion.

How does a lack of pagination stop the community from posting? Posts can still be linked to for a general location of an event within a thread. Posts can still be reserved, too. There’s actually a higher word count available on here, so not as many posts would be needed to be reserved.

I’ve seen them say multiple times they wouldn’t shut down the old clubs without warning. That’s why this is a beta test, to get feedback.

Is there a way you could make a mock thread here and invite your community to try it out for full feedback?


Either way, I still need the old thread. It never mandatory for anyone to read them, but they’re an important thing for those who want to learn how to play the game. They’re historical record that cannot be summarized. Because summary is different thing. I can summarize them as a book, and I already do that. However for those who want to learn how to play it, seeing the “live” version of the game with every of the post on how the old member do the game could really help. Like what I said, it’s not mandatory, however it’s still something I really don’t want to remove.

As for pagination, well, no one know until they try. I just feel like a page layout such as this free-to-use forum would be better:


Look how neatly organized that is. The layout pleasing to the eyes and it’s easy to navigate, more friendly, more simple and generally just better than a Tumblr-like layout. (I do like Tumblr as a site by itself, but Wattpad cannot go like that because the threads geared toward different function)

I can definitely create a mock thread. Like what I said, I am open and happy on using this new forum. My demand is to simply not to delete the old thread. The damage really would be irreversible, even if I backup the important thing to Wattpad book.


I mean, a lot of history is summarized. But that’s just my own personal feeling.

Wouldn’t creating a mock game here solve that? By having a mock game, you could reference it for how to play for future threads, if someone wants to look back. Though, you did clearly write how to play, so most should already know from that.

That’s why we’re here, to try it out. Pagination has been heavily discussed here. There’s already threads on this beta test with over 1000 posts. Right now threads are set to end at 1250 posts.

Someone can easily navigate between posts on a thread by using the scroll bar on the right on web, or by using the number button on the bottom right on mobile. The new search also makes finding posts a lot easier. Specific posts can also be linked to by clicking the link button on a post. Even though there aren’t “pages” there’s a lot of different ways to navigate through a thread.

I think making a mock thread would be best! That way you can really try out the new software :smiley:


I agree with @Makaylasophia Create a mock thread and see if you can get some of your regulars to come over and give it a test. Wattpad REALLY needs/wants beta testers on this club but it’s been a huge challenge in trying to convince people to come over here.

So I’d say pretend this club is officially launched and try to run your game here as you would there.


Yeah like @Makaylasophia and @Prisim said; try it out. And I might not get entirely what the thread is about, but wouldn’t this be a good time to wipe the slate clean and start from the beginning? Then you could get new people to participate too.

Because the threads are most likely going to be deleted. They’re making the entire site crash. They’re not good for the site anymore, so I think it’s almost a done deal that they’ll get deleted.


Holy cow, what thread is that? It’s like I’m reading a board game instructions :astonished:


Agree with you. Wattpad really needs the extra space. They could use it for something else.


So my answer here (how did I get called in here?) would be that

a) don’t act on rumours when you can confirm with the true source (hey that’s us woohoo!)
b) can that game exist without the pre-existing threads. I’m aware your current, immediate answer is no, but I will keep asking again. Are you saying that every time a new person comes they have to read the old threads and under no circumstances could they possibly only read the rules and play from there? Have you created a game that is exclusively dependent on it existing only in the clubs with entire historical context? From looking at it, I’m of the belief that yes, it can.

I’m asking just because I want to hear your reasons not from a place of “omg my thing is going away” but just from a general perspective of what kind of game you have designed. Because I cannot imagine a game that requires people read an entire history of every version of it ever played in order to participate, as that seems like an extremely high barrier to entry (I can’t imagine playing monopoly and having to get into it by studying past games people played, in move by move detail).