Imprism (Art Club)

Introduction to club

Are you an artist? Maybe a cover designer, painter, photographer, music lover, baker, chef, fashionista? Maybe a hobbyist, professional or beginner?

Do you like art? Looking at art, talking about art, criticizing art?

This is the club for you! Commitment is not required because this is an art club, we take things real slow! We are not too serious but contests and activities will be held monthly. Depending on which is most desired by the general club body. Interact with artsy people and explore the art community of Wattpad!

How to join? PM, that’s it. We have a member book so if you would like to be tagged there, also state it in a PM or in the book. Follow the account to get regular updates and another follow.

If you have any suggestions or inquiries here, mention this account or @ValKayRee so your post will not be missed.

Official since May 2nd 2020


If you are found to be guilty of either of these, you will not be warned. You will be blacklisted. You cannot return.

General Links

Club Name (as of right now): Imprismed Art Club/Imprismed AC
Discord: Please PM us (@ImprismedArtClub or @ValKayRee)
A thread hosted by @rayraybites for sharing art: The Art Sanctuary | illustrate your stories [now merged with another art club]

Submission Links

Cover/Graphics Submissions (AA Art Club)
Music Recommendations (AA Art Club)
Submit Colour Palettes, Mood Boards and Prompt Lists (AA Art Club)
Art Submissions (AA Art Club)

I recommend tracking this thread. I will also post polls to vote for monthly activities so try to pop in once in a while?



Weird One’s Helper (Co-Leader)
Fancy Tasters (Judge)
Listers (List Makers)
Art Shredders (Critique Givers)
Hyper-Uppers (Supporters)
Colourful Ones (Colour Palette Makers)
The Moody (Moodboard makers)
Ruler Wielders (Discord Moderators)

If you have not applied for a role, but would like to, there are unlimited spaces. Applications and descriptions of roles are in the Applying 4 Titles book on our profile! The process is simple and when you receive a role, remember to take your time. Have fun!


  1. Do not ever feel pressured, this is art and should be for leisure or fun. Pop in whenever you can, do whatever you can. As long as the positive and helpful atmosphere is kept. Anything destructive will get you booted.
  2. Be kind and respectful. Putting art out for a group of strangers(?) is definitely not easy. Be enthusiastic and comment whenever you can. You will then receive what you give.
  3. Too much negativity or self-depreciation is a huge nono. “It’s not that great” is something we may all be guilty of (or “It is sh__”) but do not start believing that or we will have to throw hearts at you.
  4. Do not rush me (Val). I am in high school and I write a lot too. I will try to update frequently and respond as quickly as possible but I am not always glued to a screen or procrastinating.
  5. Have fun! I know, cheesy and overused but seriously, have fun until your last brain cell dies. Muahahaha
  6. Art theft and tracing is not allowed. If you are caught, you will be dealt with harshly.

Rules for individual roles will be posted in Rules Book on our profile.

Impressionist (Club Members)



If you would like to join, PM us or @ValKayRee on Wattpad. Sorry for tagging you all the time…

Also, if anyone has name suggestions, please share them. Also, I think this is a great start so thank you all! If you have artsy friends, tag them!


Published Books Categories and Titles

Club Information Books: Rules, member information given willingly, role applications...related to the flow of the club.
  1. Rules Book: Outlines te Golden Rules and expectations for members and members with roles.
  2. Book of Artsies: List of members and if willing, members provide some information about themselves. get to know each other here!
  3. Applying 4 Titles: Here, you apply for the roles listed in the Roles post. There are brief descriptions and an easy form.
Challenges and Contests Books: These books will be updated frequently and each one offers different activities. These books will be voted for every month so that instead of focusing on all (which is hectic even in my imagination), we will focus on one or two every month and rotate.
  1. Galaxy Graphics Contest: If this activity is chosen, there will be a contest held for making either covers, mood boards or banners. There will be a theme and within these themes, prompts to be chosen.
  2. Mood Board Contests: If this activity is chosen, there will be a theme and prompts. The contest is making mood boards based on those prompts.
Prompt Books: These books are also challenge books but do not have deadlines. They will be included in monthly polls.
  1. Colour Palette Prompts: Choose a colour palette, use it in your entry and send in the work if you would like to be featured.
  2. Monthly DTIYS Challenges!: Choose an original piece and redraw it in your own style! If picked, entries will be featured after a month.
  3. Mood Board Drawing Challenges
  4. What To Draw: Inside, you will find weekly or monthly lists from which you can gain inspiration.
Submissions Books: These books are for sharing art and each book has a slightly different form but the destination is the same (Community Email, then featured in the book!)
  1. The 4 Seasons Series: 4 books, one for each season. This is for all works and art forms related to the specific season dedicated to the book.
Photography: There is one book for random entries and another for themed entries.
  1. Photography Photo Album: This is our photo album specifically for random entries.
Random: Does not fit into a category or does not need to be in one.
  1. Memes: Share your memes related to art so we can laugh a bit or relate a lot!
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Upcoming Books


Incorporate This! Book (C&C)
Redraw Old Works (C&C)
Technique Trade and Tutorials (C&C)
Music Recommendation Book (Rando)
Food-Inspired Art Book (Rando)
Recipe Book (Rando)
Art Study Book (Sub)
Fashion Design (Sub)
Myth-Inspired Book (Sub)
Animals Book (Sub)

I might combine some books because this could be too much to look at…

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Suggestions (Plezzz)

Suggest activities or books, maybe a club name too!
If you would like to help make book summaries, I will really appreciate the help! Also, I need a bit of help with tagging in books.


Okay, all done so if anyone is interested or would like to comment about anything, please post now! I will also add the members in now (sorry for tagging you all again).
Announcements and polls will be posted here very often.

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I DM’ed you on WP since I didn’t know the discord server :black_heart:

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Perfect! I will send you it as soon as I can. Thank you.
Did I add you to the members list?

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Cool. All you have to do is pop in once in a while and maybe vote in polls.

Sounds easy lol :joy:

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Right? This club is low-commitment and mostly for passing time while being artsy! Everyone has a place and it’s only a matter of will. Thanks for joining!

I don’t think so

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(I’ll add you into the one here and in the book) :smile:

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Awesome, thank you!

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The first set of submissions books were released but the descriptions are lame so I had an idea. Each book is related to a season and so, I thought of having members describe the seasons and I will quote you in the synopsis. You will be credited of course.
So, briefly describe what you like or how you feel about summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Also, I really need help with tagging books. Please suggest tags for specific books when you have time. Thank you!


Yep, I’m in!

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Awesome! Glad to have you and no pressure.