Improving Accessibility at Wattpad - From Wattpad HQ

Hi all,

Lady of the Axolotls here! I promised some of you that there’d be chances to participate in research with me, and the time has come.

My first big research undertaking is making Wattpad more accessible for our users with visual impairments. (It’s a group effort. We have formed a team here at HQ, but I’m the one who’s doing the public outreach.)

If you identify or anyone you know is someone who identifies as having a visual impairment, please fill out this survey. It will take about 2 minutes!

Please feel free to ask any questions. I’ll do my best to answer them all.


PS—If you’re curious about me or what I do, you can read a bit about me here: Leslie from Wattpad HQ: An Intro!

All I want is a fricken dark mode for both the app and the site. If anyone with an ASD or VI or whatever knows what it’s like to look at paper white, you would understand. Let’s make this a thing for everyone and not for those pay for the features.


Dark Mode is definitely on our list. Rest assured, we’ll be working on it.


Thank you.


Yes, dark mode on the site would be greatly appreciated lol.


Hi Lesley, how are you today?


Hellu there. I’m extremely sensitive (be it due to PTSD or ASD, I’ll never know) so the rebrand has truly hurt me. I live on Wattpad, more or less, but the scorching white gives me headaches and makes my eye hurt every single day. Please, I just want a revert. This is my home and I don’t want being in my home to cause me pain, forcing me to leave.


I’ve shared this survey on my profile, Leslie :slight_smile: Hope you don’t mind =]

@lesliecapobianco I suggest you pin this thread so that it is seen by all and HQ gets the maximum feedback :slight_smile:


Thank you! <3


Not someone with visual impairment, but this is great! I really hope this helps people out, and thank you for taking the time to create this :dizzy:


raises hand in agreement I spent two days building my own dark mode using a 3rd party add on otherwise I would’ve had to leave the site. But I want it site wide, not just for reading. The rebrand seriously made the website impossible to read and while my dark mode isn’t perfect (let’s face it I’m not a web designer and I was only using inspect elements LOL) it’s helped me a lot. Would definitely love if I didn’t have to use it anymore (since I hate having two many browser add ons. Plus it doesn’t work on my phone so I’m stuck having to zoom in to have as little white as possible)


I have light and contrast sensitivity because of my migraines, would I be someone you’d want to hear from? :blush:


I have astigmatism and am also on the autism spectrum. The current fonts that are available on Android devices make me pretty uncomfortable and I have greater trouble with reading comprehension. Fonts like “Baskerville” on Wattpad via iOS devices are much better for my condition. Please consider providing Android devices with more fonts in general.


I have light and contrast sensitivities as well due to being ADHD. Yes please provide your feedback! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if I’m the right person for your survey but I do have a concern.

I like using tts to read stuff for me (a simple Chrome extension) and the way Wattpad is designed, when I click to the next chapter, the tts reader can’t get the text for the new chapter - I have to reload the page on every chapter and that’s really annoying. This isn’t an issue on other sites - just Wattpad. I don’t know what you have in your code that prevents it from working properly.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the many other reload issues on Wattpad.

I’ve never used a “proper” tts reader, the kind blind people rely on, so I don’t know if those work better here but it sucks that an extension that works everywhere else on the web doesn’t work well on Wattpad.


Thanks! We’ll be working on recruiting a diverse set of users.

Right now, we’re focusing on visual impairment, but more to come!


This is good to know! Thanks!


Definitely sign up for our survey then, and say yes to the first question.

Feedback from you in the future would be :100:!


I’ll put this on my list!

I’ll be sending out a survey in the near future for a broad range of accessibility users and needs, and I welcome your input!

I’ll be in touch. :slight_smile: