IN BED! || Out Of Context Writing Game (18+ Warning)


Warning again, this is intended to be mature humor.

The game is simple, take any innocent dialogue from ANY of your characters in your stories and add “in bed” in the end. The more out of context it sounds, the better! Haha!

Here’s mine, haha:


“Wait! No! Vlad! I didn’t mean it that way! You’re not scary in bed!

“Ow, ow!” Dmitri winced, “I’m sorry! Why can’t I watch them in bed?”


Any of these good?

“I can’t believe you actually did that in bed!” The high pitched voice made me grimace.

“I’ve seen you flirt with her in bed.”

“It wasn’t supposed to work that fast in bed.”


These are actually pretty good!


Sophie was disappointed with the battle in bed.

King Suffle, however, had a consolation prize for her in bed.

They have got a new weapon in bed


A battle in bed sounds fun.


It was disappointing:rofl:


“You are damn right I am afraid in bed!”


“My what? No I mean I can’t talk about this in bed”


“Don’t trust them, they killed father in bed

“Foolish girl, You will regret this in bed

“Okay, do whatever You want in bed

and this is just the first episode.




Sounds like fifty shades of grey


“Thank you, Adrien,” Nathalie surprised him as they got into the limo, “For the surprise performance this morning. It was lovely. I wish your father had been present in bed

Marinette snuggled further into her pillows, mumbling, “Adrien…Luka…don’t fight in bed…”

Alya could barely hear him over the extra volume of her own bestie’s nervous voice; but she could have sworn Adrien let out a bewildered, “I thought she only acted like that with me in bed…”

OML…if you know the fandom…



I cannot unread them now.


“You probably have your own genny too right? In bed.”
Zack smiled, “Yup, been running it for 5 years now, it’s my job”


Just the first two chapters of my fanfic had such gems~


“Come on, kid, you’re strong in bed.”

"Want high stamina? Build it, in bed."

"Did you and Rory get into another fight, in bed?"

"She kills me in bed."


Sounds pretty kinky. :joy:


i know but trust me, they’re all innocent!!


Some more from the more recent chapters.

“What about it? Want to try to spar with Me? Sharpen Your skills a bit in bed?”

"I think You’ll have a chance to see Me using it again very, very soon in bed

“That’s right! I mean by staying at Your place and getting to know Her better in bed!”

“All the more reason why I should come with You two in bed

“You do know that I’ve already given You the ‘ok’ and You don’t have to give Me more reasons to let You come in bed, right?”

“By the way, since I’m the one that taught My techniques to You, then it’s better if I’m the one that trains Lilith from now on in bed

“You do know that You don’t really have to rub it in like that in bed, right?”

and last but not least…

“I give good speeches in bed


“Slow down. And tame your tongue in bed.”