IN BED! || Out Of Context Writing Game (18+ Warning)


“So how’s your aunt in bed?”


I quietly enter my house hoping not to draw any attention to myself in bed.

She ignores my nasty glare with a gesture for Austin and me to get some in bed.


You did, Baldwin. Go ahead, kill me in bed!" shouted Bishop back.

“I will be ready.” She hit the reindeer. “We both will be ready in bed.” Amethyst smiled.

“Good girl. Don’t move in bed.”

“How could I be so foolish in bed?”

“Have I ever failed a mission in bed?”

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Okay, time to actually make a post (compared to the last one)
Enjoy this rapid fire of random Shattered Crests quotes with no context.

“I want to beat you at your best in bed.”

“But don’t you want to say goodbye in bed?”

“Jaron, Ciecro,” Dolly exclaimed, “go help them up ahead, I can handle this goof in bed.”

“What’s the matter? Am I messing with your focus in bed?”

“You’re leaking in bed.”

“You both sleep okay in bed?” Jaron inquired as he joined them.

“What does it do in bed?” Vragon inquired.

“It was fine in bed.” Jaron replied.

“Damn…I gave dat all I had…in bed” He muttered to himself, feeling very dejected.

“What are you both doing in bed?” She asked out of a mix of curiosity and concern.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see either of you in bed,” Seliph confessed, after finally getting Vragon to calm down.

“Oh no it’s fine,” Vragon assured hastily. “The fact you saw something different is awesome. Perhaps, later we can try again, if you would be okay with that in bed.”

“Zzzo, how did it go in bed?” Devon asked, hoping to try and salvage his situation.

Devon’s eyes widened. “Wait but why in bed?”

“Yeah, well I think I was justified.” Swift gave a little huff and took a big bite out his bread with an angry look. “I mean, what jerk starts things off by calling you ‘small’ and so self-righteous to keep on doing it despite you asking him to stop in bed.”

“You are shorter than her in bed,” Garon teased in a whisper, earning a glare from Swift.

“So he was just amusing himself in bed then, the masochist,” She spat.

"If you’re done with your bondage time in bed Plageues then I ask you allow me and Miss Rosa be on our way.”

“…You’re joking,” Plageues exclaimed, his smile vanishing in an instant. Daemon shook his head. “H-h-how? How is that possible in bed‽”

“Weakies don’t get to speakie in bed,” The golem answered with a snicker.

and the grand finale!

Dolly gave him an ‘I appreciate the gesture, but shut the fuck up’ look and adding, “Show me one caretaker that managed to get all but one of her intoxicating candidates to excel above and beyond the moon in bed.”


That doesn’t sound good. :joy:

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“The only way you can love someone is like that, in bed. This ain’t love, Julian.”


It’s time for another gauntlet of out of context statements. (in bed)

“Come, we can discuss why Nasch sent you to my place. Also, if you’d like to rest before you head back, I’d be happy to have you in bed.”

“Hey, so when are mom and Ciecro gonna get back in bed?”

“Quiet bro.” Jaron shushed Ciecro, “I’m trying to beat him this time in bed."

“Drop the shrimp’s look please and show us your real self in bed."

It was then he interrupted with a smile, “some cocks in bed?”

“Ah, that’s cute, he thinks he’s a match for us in bed."

Seliph gasped, Jaron shrieked and hid behind Seliph, and Ciecro shouted, “shit in bed!”

“W-why? You don’t even know us in bed?”

That’s good. So tell me Ciecro,” Dolly inquired in a quieter tone as she set the glass in front of him, “how was your in bed visit?”

“She’s just a friend in bed you hag!” He shouted getting off his stool.

“You’re a stubborn lady in bed, you know that,” Ciecro bluntly put it.

“Thanks, Jasmine, but Vragon and I will be fine in bed,” Jaron replied with a smile.

Vragon joined Dolly in saying, “Jaron? What are you doing in bed?”

Jaron looked around a little, then shouted again, “You wanna piece of us, cos we’re going to beat you up again in bed!”

“You’re not nearly as scary as my brother in bed. Speaking of which-”

“Time tah break your jaw in bed!”

“Siblings in bed eh, well this is certainly an interesting development…”

Ciecro gave a snort and muttered, “Why do yah need me in bed?” as he let himself fall back on the ground.

She finally snapped out of it and offered, “Mind if we do it over a drink in bed?”

“That bad in bed huh,” Devon said, curious but also trying to avoid Demetri’s wrath.

“What the actual-?” he started, but didn’t even finish. “Wait, why are we even here in bed?”

“So, why exactly did you have us all here in bed?” Seliph asked

“Strong stuff in bed?” Jasmine repeated.

Jaron’s woozy eye’s slowly picked up on Jasmine and he gave a little hic chuckle. “Oh, hey there Jazzzzzz…z. You goin’ to play in bed too?”

“I’ve got sticks in bed!!!” Garon roared with a smile as he came in holding a dark colored jar with eight sticks in them.

“One more in bed,” Garon asked.
“Yeah, at least one more in bed,” Jaron added, yawning too.

“Jaron…” he said to the silence in the room. “I’m…here for you if you need me in bed."

Trishula gave a little grunt, with a slight smirk. “Typical of you in bed.”

Del gave an annoyed sigh. “You know, Rosa, you aren’t very fun in bed. I bet Daemon is more fun than you.”

He gave her a rather skeptical look, despite his eyes being shut. “Lesath think you are the lying in bed.”

“No, Lesath, she didn’t do anything wrong in bed.”

and finally!

“I don’t care Lesath,” Skrelle grumbled, “We can’t just take everyone’s tongues that annoy us in bed.”
“Why not?” Lesath genuinely asked.


Quite a competition. :joy:



"–Listen to me, Niko,” She shook his shoulders and his head flinched to her direction, “I want you to make a pile of your clothes in bed. With your toys, just bring one or two in bed. Forx, here, will come into your room soon and put your things in a bag in bed. Then just wait in here, for me and your father in bed… okay? Everything’s okay in bed.”


And here we have the 3rd installment of out of context Shattered Crest quotes. I hope you enjoy!

“Yes, shocking isn’t it,” she replied with a little mischievous grin, “sending two lovely attractive ladies here to set things up in bed for gentlemen.”

“Now, make yourself useful in bed.”

“Boring,” she mumbled.
“Well with that attitude no wonder,” she teased at Rosa, “I bet you’d like to bring down the ceiling at some get in bed togeth-”

“Nasty,” she laughed in response, only aggravating Rosa more, “no boy is going to fall in bed for that prickly of a demeanor.”

“Why are you here in bed?” Del interrupted.

“True,” Del replied, sitting a ways away from Rosa, “doesn’t do a mon good for their teacher being killed in bed.”

“You seem awfully okay with it in bed,” Rosa subtly shot.

“Be careful…in bed

“But I don’t remember doing it with anyone. Reverse, I think I was asleep. Did someone do it with me while I was asleep in bed?”

“Welp, better wake up Vray, like we agreed to in bed.”

“Okay, let’s run through this again in bed,” an energetic Dolly said to her not as thrilled group

“It’s almost like you forgot we’re heading to Frantal town as a risk of being attacked by crazies in bed.”

“Okay, that’s enough you two,” Dolly interjected putting her big hands on one of their shoulders. “Don’t get all silly with it in bed."

“Well I’m just saying, Vragon, they’ll be back in bed a second.” She stood up and rolled her arm.
“How do you know?” Jaron inquired, not buying Dolly’s answer. The two stood in front of her, giving her serious gazes.
Dolly had her audience. She cleared her throat and said, “Because, in bed,” paused and then finished with the punchline, “it’s second nature to me.”

“Hm? Seliph is that you in bed?” the voice said in a happy greeting.
“Shhh, keep it down,” Seliph hushed, taking another look at the noisemaking trio that now was composed of Jaron and Vragon on a laughing Dolly, lying on her back.

“…Is this really necessary in bed Dolly?” he inquired with a tilt of his head and crossing of his arms.

Ciecro growled. “Yeah, well…yah didn’…well…Fuck you in bed.”

“that any way to talk to someone you know in bed?”

“Time out!” a voice came from above the group. Seliph stood on the edge of the cliff above them. “Testing now? Not like you two in bed,” he greeted as he jumped his way down to the group.

“Yeah, but let’s get acquainted first in bed.” He turned and waited for Seliph to walk up.

“…Okay…so then it’s fair to say that you both aren’t on duty in bed?”

“So, when did you visit these two in bed?” Jasmine inquired, leaning in a little closer.

“Oh…just,” Seliph pondered for a moment, a little caught off guard by the question. “I wanted to find out who the red eyes were in bed.” Seliph’s arms flung down to his sides. “I wanted to find who they were in bed. What they were after in bed.”

“…Seliph in bed, probably,” Demetri answered in the calmest and strangely relaxed tone.

Jaron let out a sigh and looked at him. “Can…can I tell you…something in bed.”

“Should we confront him in bed?” Garon asked, turning back to the bar and letting his head bow down mimicking his worried mood.

“Ciecro in bed!” he shouted with happiness before covering his mouth at noticing Ciecro was still sleeping.

Swift and Garon chuckled a little as Swift resumed. “It’s fine; we aren’t that stingy in bed."

and finally!

“So, if you could just do me a favor you two and not speak or joke of last night in bed, I’d really appreciate it,” Dolly asked as she, Jasmine, and Swift sat at a small table, partaking in an early breakfast."


“I’ll find you. I’ll find you, Maggie, in bed.”