In creating stories is it possible to upload a WP (MS Word, etc.) file in lieu of re-typing?

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but seems closest of the available choices. Thanks in advance for your reply!

Just copy and paste from word into wattpad. No need to retype.


Thanks! Much appreciated.

That being said I would absolutely love it if I could upload an entire manuscript and then separate the chapters within the manuscript instead of having to create chapters one by one. It takes hours!!!

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Or you could write in wattpad directly.

I just copy-paste everything, though sometimes it does weird stuff to the formatting. I know there used to be an ‘upload file’ option you could do for each chapter, but that was back in the halcyon days of 2014 :wink: I was gone for ages in between so I have no clue when they got rid of it.


yes! grrrr

:thinking: been around since 2011 (was fairly active around 2014) but i don’t remember anything of the sort???

That’s what I had in mind when I asked the question - whether there was an “import file” button that, for supported formats, would allow you to upload a text file directly with a single click of the button.

No thanks. It’s hard to use and I’m sane enough to have backups of my work


And it’s honestly something a lot of people still don’t recommend xD


Do your copy / paste in Chrome for best results.

Is there any way to cut and paste when editing within the Wattpad text box, or to insert a special character?

I’m not sure what you mean by cut and paste when editing. Generally, I edit my chapters outside of Wattpad. Then I copy the edited chapter from MS Word, go to the proper chapter in Chrome, use the right click of the mouse to Select All and just paste the new edited chapter over the old.

As far as special characters, they carry from MS Word like italics, bold and underlines. If you know the ALT + number for the character, it will type into the Wattpad window, or you can cut and paste it from the Windows Character Map.

I hope that answers your questions.

Thanks for the reply. As I understand it, you can add, delete, bold, italicize, underline and justify while editing in the Wattpad window, but more elaborate editing requires going back to the original word processor file, editing it, uploading it with a browser, and replacing the entire Wattpad file with the browser file by pasting.

I copy and paste from Microsoft Word into Wattpad. I have noticed if I do this via my phone, all the font and spacing is off. Doing it via my laptop keeps it all in tact.

I’ve noticed that whenever I copy and paste my stuff from Word to Wattpad, it’ll delete any extra spaces I’ve made.

So, instead of (pretend there aren’t periods in between):

“Hello” said Mark.
I woke up.

It’d be something like:

“Hello” said Mark
I woke up.

And then that forces me to go back through the chapters just to readd those spaces xD

Same! I’ve also seen that, doing this removes everything I’ve put in italics and also all the apostrophe. It’s a pain to go through and edit it all once again :confused:
But I use the desktop app, so maybe that is the reason why? I’m not sure :sweat_smile:
I just write directly into wattpad, and then copy paste that in word xD

Hmm, I haven’t experienced this issue before. What browser are you using? I think it’ll act differently based on the browser you use.

Wattpad, for PC, I do not use a browser. There is an app that I downloaded from the app store for that

Ah, that might be the issue. Have you tried using a browser?