In need of a cover! Please help?

Title: Kissing Leslie

Author: Beautifulbliss26

Genre(s): Romance

Colours: I’m open to anything really.

Idea(s): So, this is a story about a lesbian romance. An idea could be something romantic, two women of course. I don’t mind it being cutesy… Not too overly pink, or NO pinks at all :smiley:

Story Summary: What do you do when you realize everything you knew about yourself, even the most intimate of secrets, was a lie?

Falling in love is one thing, but falling in love with a woman is a completely different ball game for Leslie. With a big move to California, Leslie Kent reconnects with her cousin after many years of not getting along. Per their parents request, Leslie hangs with Jade’s friends until she can make friends of her own. But Jades’s friends aren’t exactly what Leslie pictured. Especially when it comes to Alex.

Alexandra Bennett has always been what you would call…A free spirit. She’s been aware of her attraction to girls pretty much her whole life. Never one to hop on the commitment train, she was known for her frequent and quick trysts with women she found attractive. Alex is intimidating and sly with dry humor, but impossible for Leslie to resist.

Leslie tries to ignore the confusion she’s feeling, especially because she has a boyfriend at home. But a heartbreaking discovery leads Alex to confide in Leslie and change everything between the two. Soon she finds herself spending more and more time with Alex, with secrets she never knew she had coming to light. Being Alex is afraid of commitment, she pushed Leslie away. She continues to sleep around to hide whatever she feels for Leslie, but is it too late?

As these two opposites come together in a critical time in their lives, will they be able to keep denying the dark passion they feel for each other?

Payment : Willing to do anything for a quick cover!

Anything Else: I’m pretty much open to anything! I would love cursive writing though. Something like this (This is the cover I made myself but I don’t really want it haha)

Someone PLEASE HELP hhaha :smiley:

I am going to give this a try. I have some ideas :slight_smile:

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Here’s my suggestion :slight_smile:.

kissing leslie_cover_1

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Here are my tries :slight_smile:

Kissing 1 Kissing 2 Kissing 3 Kissing 4 Kissing 5 Kissing 6

Thank you so much :heart:

Love the picture!

Yay :heart::heart: Looking forward!

I really like the 2nd and last :heart::heart:

Im glad you liked at least one of them :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile: I see you already have some covers but I haven’t done graphics in awhile and I need some practice again so I made two for you to chose from (if you still need a cover)

cover1 cover2

hope you like them, they’re very minimalist. I’m too lazy and impatient to do manips

cover- kissing leslie

Hey there!! I hope you like it!
Everything I do kind of has some darker undertones so if that’s not your cup of tea I’ll understand, not everyone enjoys it. Also, I really got stuck on the fact that they are quite different people. Anyways here it is

hey, is this still open?

Yeah sure!! :slight_smile:

@beautifulbliss26. How r these🥰

Hi! :blush:

I did something for you:

Screenshot_2020-02-07 Desygner

Screenshot_2020-02-07 Desygner(1)

P.S. I can change anything you want as well. :grin:

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Hey! Some edits below :smile:



These are amazing :heart:

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I love them :heart:

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