In need of a writing buddy



You can request a co-writer or a writing buddy here by filling out this form.

  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: writing buddy
  • Genres I read: anything except nonfiction, historical fiction, or poetry
  • Genres I writte: fantasy, scifi, and might try my hand at a bit of horror
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: someone to bounce ideas off of and just chat. I would also like someone willing to give feedback when I start posting again
  • Brief summary of my current story (if applicable): too early for my most recent work




I would love to bounce ideas with you.


I messaged you.


Im throwing my hat into the ring


Can you pm me please?


I would like some help. I never finish anything unfortunatly and I would really like some help with my Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil fanfic. The more people that can help me the better. I just need that little push.






need help i’m here to help.


I actually need help finishing my Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil fanfic. I wrote a few chapters already but I haven’t posted them yet. Right now I am writing the episode Monster Arm and I am trying to make it my own personal twist so that it is not exact.


Ok do you use google docs. So i can perhaps read what you do have.


Yes I do. I think you can share anonymously on that. Do you know how to do that? Sorry if that I messaged you so much.


Your story repeats itself a lot


How does it repeats itself? Was it the spelling?


You have 25 pages and it repeats the same couple of pages


Can you please be more specific? Sorry if I sounded a bit rude.

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