In Need of Vampire Friends



I’ve never read those books. When I was in high school I read the Vampire Chronicles and became super obsessed with vamps.

I’ve always wanted to write a vampire book but I feel like vamp characters are the hardest to write well. There is a ton of complexity that comes with living for a long time and drinking blood.


sneaks into the thread




I mean, most people skip over the complexity and wear them down until they’re six-packed sex machines, honestly.


I have nothing against six-packed sex machines but that stereotype doesn’t mix well with my personal view of vampires, that’s part of the reason I stopped reading vampires stories after Twilight came out. I just like the maudlin and angsty vamps :laughing:


You can not let Twilight cloud your views.

It has its place for some people but it will never be a real vampire story for me. lol.


Hey I am Sneha


Hey there!


I am a golem, I declare this thread to be under the invasion of the great gigantic golems


Too bad. We vamps win >:)


Dude we haven’t even walked to your castle yet, plus we are bleed immune cause we got no blood


There’s many of us


My buddies are arriving, they still have to shamble from 500 km so you are still under siege


Besides, your 1000 year old bones would probably crack by striking my 1000 year old strong rock


Guyz, are you paying golem vs vampie game?


I have no idea.