In search of a Teen Fiction to comment on!

Hi! I would love to provide comments on a Teen Fiction story and help a new author out!

Submit your story for consideration if:

  1. It’s more than 4 chapters
  2. No abuse or anything of that nature
  3. Less than 5k reads.
  4. Multiple points of view is a bonus. (Chapter 1 is one person, chapter 2 is another, etc).

If your book fits the bill, let me know! I’ll add you to my reading list if chosen.


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My book fits all of your requirements! :blush:


Title: The Red Ribbon

Blurb: It’s the beginning of a new school year as elite junior Ravenna Griselda continues her reign of terror over the student body after the infamously traumatizing events of sophomore year. Thanks to the Inquisitors, an openly secret organization within the private school, Ravenna, alongside her puppets, begin to master the art of real-life chess. As the months progress, the Inquisitors grow not only smarter, but bolder as they take a leap over a dangerous line they’ve never crossed before. So when a revenge plan takes an unexpected turn, deep rooted secrets are suddenly spilled. Through betrayals, backlash, and intricate conspiracies, Ravenna only remains with one last question: which one of them is the real monster?


Thank you in advance!



Hey! I’d love for you to check out my romance novel, I Never Imagined. Here’s the link and everything:

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we would go nowhere.” -Carl Sagan.

Three friends never imagined that they’d be in their current positions today. As Carl Sagan says, our imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we’d go nowhere. Their imaginations can carry them to some pretty interesting worlds. But, the worlds they carry them to are not always what they desire…

Thank you!

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I recently posted chapter 5 of my story, Heart To Hart

I have about 3435 to 4012 words in each chapter, give or take. It’s a young adult romance novel but could easily slip into the teen fiction category. My MC is 18, some are 17 to 21 years old.
There is only one point of view though.
As of ten minutes ago, I was at 257 reads.

Heart to Hart

At eighteen years old, mistakes are bound to be made and Natasha can’t seem to stop making them.

First she leaves her friends and home behind all because she couldn’t face her ex with her new replacement. She is convinced the change of scenery will magically transform her.

When she realises she was wrong, she returns only to find that cracks are starting to show in the perfect family her mother tries to portray them all as.

Max, her ex-boyfriend, is suddenly single. Will she be quick to forgive and let him use her all over again?

Then there is Alec, her childhood best friend. Sian has warned her not to cross any lines in their relationship but what harm is a little kiss among friends?

Natasha is about to find out, the hard way, that every action has a consequence.


The Burden of Broken Hearts is an entertaining teen fiction novella that is completed, has only 397 readers, has multiple POVs and does not contain abuse.

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Hey @See_Barb_Write!

My new WIP “Eternal Orchids” is kind of a weird story to describe but it’s a dark young adult romance, almost a bit gothic but not horror, with plenty of twists and turns. It’s different to a lot of stuff out there (hopefully!)

Hope you enjoy it if you choose to take a look :blush:

ETERNAL ORCHIDS by Lucille Dixon


The flowers are always in bloom at Edenhall Park…

When a beautiful but mysterious stranger offers nineteen-year-old Evelyn a fresh start, away from the tough life she’s been living on the streets, she jumps at the chance.

However, after arriving at the seemingly-magical Edenhall Park - an ancient, grand house where the young, beautiful and celebrated seem to live wild and free - Evelyn soon begins to realise things are not quite as they seem.

As Evelyn’s heart starts to fill with love and desire, it soon learns to ignore what her head is telling her and simply allow the beauty of Edenhall Park and all those who live there to consume her every fibre.

Can love really allow people to stay young and beautiful forever? Within the walls of Edenhall Park, it would appear so…

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I’ve got one for you! It’s an urban/modern fantasy with a realistic (as much as it can be with magic) setting. It’s sort of a mystery/thriller type story with some romantic elements later in this book and into the next two. This is the first book of what I plan to be a trilogy. There’s no abuse (some sketchy folks and mentioned murder, but no abuse), it’s currently got 7 chapters, but I’m trying to post as often as possible. It’s got 39 reads when I’m writing this. It usually stays with the lead character’s POV, but at least one chapter is written from another character. There are also several LGBTQ+ characters if representation is something you’re looking for, though LGBTQ+ issues aren’t the main focus of this book.

Title: Fortunes
Blurb: If you could see into the future, would it still turn out the same?


Title: Always and Forever

Description: Kay Willows is in her Junior year of high school which she documents in her diary. Follow her story through narrative and poetry as she fights mental illness, works to maintain friendships, and even falls in love…

My story should fit your requirements.


Nathan, Tiffany, and Anthony are only teenagers; they shouldn’t have to worry about if their friend is dead or alive. Months after their friend Crystal Sanchez disappeared, the three teens have been struggling to take control of their lives. One day, Tiffany discovers something that turns their world upside down. Little do they know danger is lurking nearby.

I have what you’re looking for. There are 3 POV’s in this story!


Newly college grad Liam was just hired to write the next great Young Adult Novel for the struggling company Mid Mills Publishing.

The problem? He’s hasn’t written much in his life nor does he know a lot about teenagers.

With this new job, he and his fiancee move to Pacific City and live with his old friend Jaxon and Jaxon’s Sister Giselle. Giselle is getting ready to graduate high school. Through Giselle, he just might understand teenagers.

  • Teen Fiction/Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
  • Completed/More than 4 chapters
  • No abuse
  • Less than 5k reads



"His warm fingertips glide across my back. I hold back a shiver and try to breathe slowly so he doesn’t feel how wildly he’s making my heart beat. ‘You’re still incredibly beautiful,’ he says, looking over the scar."

Sonya’s home was burned to the ground. Everyone she knew was slaughtered. She doesn’t want to be alone and homeless anymore. She wants a family again, somewhere to sleep at night, and even a little something in her money pouch. And she’s heard that people can earn themselves a fresh start in Ceran Village.

The price? She has to kill the same monsters that destroyed her home.

Read Here:

I’m not sure if my book is a teen fiction story and I don’t think that there’s any abuse in it.

Title: Spirits of the Lost

Summary: When Kira was eight years old, her parents went out on a mission to eliminate a demon. They never came back, and Kira always thought that they had abandoned her. Ten years later, at a prominent academy, Spirits of the Lost, Kira finds out that she wasn’t abandoned at all. There, her life changes forever when she accidentally unseals her powers.

At Spirits of the Lost, Kira meets Villa, a demon hunter. Even though he knows what happened to Kira’s mother, Villa keeps it a secret from her as it would cause her to do the unthinkable. Unfortunately, Kira finds out the truth behind her mother’s disappearance by becoming Villa’s first friend. She intends to take revenge however, it comes with a cost.


Thank you for considering!

You might like my story Diving Into The Wreck, even though it’s more new adult than teen fiction.




It’s always been Kat and her twin sister Sarah for as long as they both could remember but when Kat meets her mate things start to stir up in their little world. Both girls have dark dreams of the end of world as they know it. A sinister evil is coming and the question is can Kat and her new friends manage to stop it before the dark moon rises…



Therapeutic Smoke is my first story on Watt Pad. Part 5 will be posted this coming Tuesday morning. I would love feedback on what works and what should be improved.

“I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to smoking. I’d say I’m more addicted to the tiny shred of relief I get after I take that first deep inhale. Between a shitty school and an even shitier home, smoking keeps me from punching people in the throat.”

Leah is a 17-year-old living in a world that clearly doesn’t want her around. Her boyfriend dumped her, her parents use her as a pawn in their toxic marriage and her friends want nothing to do with her. The only person left is her best friend Brandon who can’t seem to give up on her. Though it’s really only a matter of time.

Hello! Thank you for creating this forum. My story has 29 chapters currently and is 3rd person omniscient. There is no abuse or anything of the sort. It also has 3.8K reads currently. I hope you enjoy! :relaxed:

Innocent Emily Kim


“What do you want,” she repeated.

“Break up with Axel.”

Her eyes widened, mouth opening slightly. Aiden’s eyes darkened, looking at her parted lips.

“Close your mouth, baby, or I might have to close it for you.”

Emily is in love with Axel Armstrong. She would do anything to get to know him better. When she finds out he needs her help, she’s willing to be his fake girlfriend, if it means that she can be romantic with him.

But what happens when Axel’s brother, Aiden, steps into the picture? And why is he so determined to break them up?

For mature audiences only.

© All Rights Reserved

Updates every Friday.


Enjoy! I appreciate your support!


Hey @gracemadden1234 and I are hosting a book that allows easy access to undiscovered books on wattpad. It also helps writers to get their work out there so more people see it!

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