In Search of Simplistic Horror Cover

Hiya! Thank you for reading this message. I’m new to the Wattpad Community (thought I signed up for Wattpad in 2015) and want to start posting my first story here. To do that, I would love to have a proper cover, so many thanks to anyone willing to help me out.

Graphic Type: Cover

Title: Hotel Entropy

Author: Marie G. Lost

Genre(s): Horror, Mystery, Psychological

Colours: Black & White (& One More Colour, maybe)

Idea(s): I adore simplicity. (Think of the covers of books like The Hunger Games & Red Queen. I’ll also add some photo’s at the bottom of this message, which I personally am completely obsessed with. Please, definitely no real people on them. I prefer drawings.

Story Summary: Hotel Entropy is a story about a girl, trying to figure out what happened to her family members, discovering their ghosts roaming around in the hotel they all died in/near. It’s meant to be quite dark, and definitely a little bit fucked up.

Payment: Whatever you prefer. I’m very new to this. (Please let me know your requested payment first, so I can be upfront if it’s not possible.)

Anything Else: Here’s some photo’s I love, to get an idea of the things I like.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5

(I’m aware Photo 1 is actually quite colorful, but I adore it for some reason.)

Again, thanks for anyone willing to try. I appreciate it a lot!

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I’d like to try this for you. What general themes are there in your story?
E.g. in Red Queen royalty is a key theme, and blood thus the crown. I noticed one of the images you like is a tarot card - is that a theme in your book or do you just like the layout? If you like you can dm me all your ideas :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks a lot for your interest!

All of the photo’s I posted are in some way linked to the story! (For example: the tarot cards will be a visual representation for each of the family members who passed, the monster is linked to mental disease running in the family, the hotel photo because it plays out inside an older hotel, etc.)

I will try to figure out how to DM people. (Big noob here.)

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I would like to try
I have an idea or two

Do you have a font you like?

Thanks for wanting to try. I appreciate that. (:

I actually really don’t. (I’m sorry, I’m very new at this.) I like keeping things simple though.

No you are fine. That helps a lot :slight_smile:

Are either of these on the right track?

hotel_entropy2 hotel_entropy


So, i made more a couple of them. You can ask me to change any font, any picture, add or subtract anything. Just say the word. I’ll even switch some pictures of your choice if you want.
Anyways, here they are:

Screenshot_2020-02-13 Desygner(2) Screenshot_2020-02-13 Desygner(1) Screenshot_2020-02-13 Desygner
Screenshot_2020-02-13 hotel entropy 3 Screenshot_2020-02-13 hotel entropy 4

I added different fonts, different styles so you can choose your favorite.

I actually really love the second one! Woah, thanks so much for the effort.

One more person is making a cover so I kinda want to wait what she will end up with, but do really like this one. (:

Holy fuck, you made FOUR?! I appreciate that so much! I also very much enjoy the key/wings one, as it’s very fitting.

Same as I said above, I kinda want to wait a little bit, but I’m so grateful for you guys.

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@annie1loves1you & @Mary_101103

I really appreciate what you guys did, so either way I’d like to follow you and thank you in the AN of the story, if that’s okay with you guys?


Hiii!! It’s not really what you asked for, but it was fun to make <3

I’ll post here too just for ease of viewing :slight_smile: *realised the E in Entropy has decided to hide itself again, but it would be visible lol

Perfectly fine.

(Sorry i didnt see this earlier. Problem came along)

I gave it a go. Added a tagline so you’d get a feel of it.
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