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cover type: [ ] manip [ ] simple
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images):
anything else?

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cover type: [ x ] manip simple
title: the disillusionment of a thousand lifetimes
author: Lian Hua

“If you were given a thousand lifetimes, would you want to remember every single one or just forget every time you start a new one?” The little girl asked.

“I’d rather forget and start a new one.” The little boy replied, “What if I did something horrible in the previous life? I’d rather forget about that.”

“Well, I’d want to remember every single one!”

ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): idk how to put in images im sorry T.T I took a look at your examples (which are amazing btw) and I your first cover of ‘everlasting’ is definitely the vibe I want for the cover!

another inspiration is the ‘Beware the Night’ cover in this link

i don’t have a specific color scheme so do as you please!

anything else?: nothing else! Thank you!

Before I accept, I just wanted to ask for a little more info. Like is there a face claim you want me to use or something specific you want on the cover?

Is face claim like a specific celeb to appear on the cover?

Yes or just any model you’d like (:

hmm… I don’t have a specific person. As long as the model looks chinese/korean and sports a rbf or poker face it’s good!

please complete the payment and i’ll get started on your cover shortly (:

done! c:

cover type: [ ] manip [ x ] simple
author: Murielle Gingras (OR) M. Gingras — either one is suitable :slight_smile:
subtitle: None
summary: Gods walk the earth and Tristan Merrifield just accidentally woke one that has been asleep in her garden for the last fifty years. But she’s woken more than just one god, and trouble comes rushing in after the most notable god in existence is found dead, something that is impossible. How can a god die? In a quirky story from four points of view to unravel the puzzle, Tristan, Esme, Julian, and even Ossieus come together to find out the answers.
ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): I was thinking golds, blacks, silvers, flashy like Gatsby or the allure of the 1920s (even though it’s set in modern day). It could be big lettering like Hollywood, or used in Broadway, or the neon of Vegas. Something big on a black background that is simple but catches your eye. My recent cover was sort of what I tried to go with but I’m not very good at graphic design, haha. No face-claims, either. Here’s my cover as we speak:

anything else? Thank you! I hope we can get to work together and spiff up my cover a bit more.

cover type: [ x ] manip simple

title: Renaissance Man

author: Skyler Bishop


summary: Charles is a very successful art thief and Addie is his cohort. The story takes place in the early 1900s and follows their tumultuous relationship (she loves him, he loves the detective that’s investigating him, she falls for the museum curator, etc)

ideas (inspiration/color scheme/images): I imagine Rebecca Hall in the show Parades End as the main female character.
And I picture Timothee Chalamet in Little Women as the main male character

anything else? this is actually for a book that I’m not publishing on Wattpad. I hope that’s okay but understand if not! I simply want to print the book out for my own keeping (:

here’s your cover! don’t forget to credit me when you use it (:

in the middle
(right click to get full size)


please complete the payment and i’ll get started on your cover soon ~

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please complete the payment and i’ll get started on your cover soon c:

Thank you so much! I love it!

no problem :heart: i’m glad you love it!

Requesting in the morning. Ps. I love your graphics!