Incoming Changes to Featuring



Ohhhh. Haha. OK. Thank you :smile:


@DuBleuDansSesVeines It’s only for English stories at the moment but you could apply with a translation.


Yeah, I suppose that’s the optimistic way of looking at it, but my head tells me that we’re going to see a lot of teenage girl MC stories make the featured list. So, plus ca change.

I guess my MC is 80, allegedly part cherokee and also dead, so there is that.


(but equally, I shouldn’t be snippy and judgemental about something until I’ve seen it in action*)

*come now, Hafferby. You’ve basically just described your whole MO


Dude, I don’t know what psychographics are, but they sound terrifying


Correct those are indeed a reflection of the new changes.

The Featured List, as I said, is dead (but I specifically didn’t say that because people would only read that far and freak out and quote me out of context everywhere because it was mostly some name changes and merging with all promotion spaces)


Thank you ! I wasn’t sure, so your answer really help me.


First of all, these changes are really exciting I am really interested to see it played out and I’m also glad about the applications. Speaking of the applications however, I noticed some of the requirements mirror that of the talent scouts and now we have to pitch our work similarly to an agent. So definitely the new featured/promotion criteria is a lot more serious and professional. Is this new experiment linked to the talent scouts in anyway? Would this new venture potentially expose a story and its writer to the same opportunities offered via talent scouts if the work is deemed fit?


The featured system used to have a four-page intensive application. I was one of the last featured under that system in 2017.

I am very glad the app is back, even though it is much abridged. The app made me make sure my work was ready and taught me how to stand up for my own work without bragging.


So safe to assume we can remove the #featured tags and dedicate that slot to a different one?


Yes, I believe that we won’t be needing the #featured tag anymore. We can safely remove it.


Hi Nick, are these new not-the-featured-list books going to be sharing promo space with the supported stories?


The logline and summarizing the story in 300 words is a good exercise in itself anyway.

The logline can also be used for things like pitmad on twitter and the summary for any of those ‘pitch’ opportunities.

Recycling is good!!!


Me recycling my loglines / pitches


Yes and no. No, the supported stories have their own promo spaces and discussions but also yes in that featuring rolled into all promotion in all spaces and technically supported stories are also promoted so by definition yes, but not directly no.


That’s an intriguing level of ambiguity, I love it! I’ll wait to see what it looks like.


i guess this better than the tagging due it being more random and pot luck. will wait see how this plays out to decide whether this truly beneficial.


In some other thread long ago, I suggested they feature the Wattys winners in their own list under Wattpad Picks. It makes it so much easier to find them, and is a great benefit of winning a Watty.

Glad to see that HQ is listening :rofl:


umm, when will the featured list be updated or where can we see the list of featured?

are the changes live right now?

also how do we know if our applications are rejected or approved?

i applied when i saw this but i would like to know how it is coming along.



I saw the WattpadExplorerBot have something called EDITOR’S PICKS this week. New books were on there and some authors (I don’t think all) were notified.