Incoming Changes to Featuring



hi!!! i’m really confused - someone posted on my wall kindly congratulating me on getting featured. i wasn’t notified, and i don’t know where i’ve been featured? could anybody enlighten me? thanks! :blush:


nevermind, i found it! to everyone wondering, here it is!


Congratulations on getting featured :slight_smile: You can share your accomplishments here too-


thanks for the link! sorry, i didn’t mean it to come across that i was sharing on here, i was just really confused and didn’t know where to look to find the featured list. :two_hearts:


The list gets updated all the time, you can watch it under the Wattpad Picks section (that name will change at some point soon).

The changes are indeed live, but as the applications say, you won’t know if they’re rejected or approved. All you can do is apply, but individual applications don’t get a response.


So authors will no longer get a DM about being a Wattpad Pick?


Why not notify those that are picked? Just an automated message alerting them—they definitely would want to know. The message could clearly state that it’s automated and replies won’t be read.

(I understand that you don’t want to notify people of rejections. But not notifying them of being picked seems like a missed opportunity to get them more involved with the world of Wattpad.)


That was answered previously. Sometimes we may notify, sometimes we may not.

In regards to applications, there’s no response (no you’ve been rejected or accepted so to speak).

But in terms of finding out you’ve made the list, that’s going to go through experimentation. What happens if people don’t get a notification? How does it affect or change their behaviour?

We may come out the other side finding out it’s stupid not to tell people. That’s the most likely result. But we will test lots of things either way. An auto message, a personal message, maybe just a notification. A pop up? Fireworks? A public post people are responsible for tracking? We’ll see


Thank you. I just thought I might have misread the original answer.

I appreciate the further clarification and the info on future ideas. :smile:


Hey man, you said it, not me. :heart:

Jokes aside, it does strike me as a little strange though. While being featured is a concept primarily favoured by writers, it’s not a bad bit of social proof to help the reader make a decision on their next read, is it? You guys have the stats so I don’t know.


coughs Gifs be nice coughs again


If there is someone else whose book I would have wanted to submit, then it’s a simple matter just to invite the person to make the submission instead.

Btw, @nick shouldn’t that application form be somewhere more visible? Can we only find it inside of your post?


For the moment it’s here but yes, it needs to be in many other places, there’s just some other announcements in the News & Updates section so just letting that play out and working on places where it could go that would be consistent and obvious


Congratulation :heart:


Yes! And you go, @marjoryk! It was a great suggestion! :grin:

Having been there twice (not to brag, but to compare), the first time 'round was great for the first couple of months and then was sort of “wah, wah, wah…” after that, especially if your book didn’t take off in those first few months (and there were, I believe, 120 winners then, so even more chances to get lost in the shuffle.)

Believe me, it was a great honor and the HQ team did a wonderful job with the contest, but after the hubbub died down (which it did fairly quickly,) it just didn’t carry much weight and the prestige just sort of dissipated. Since Featuring (according to my own experience and those of many other Watty winners I spoke to) did much more in terms of providing exposure than winning the contest did, I think it made it harder for the winners, who weren’t subsequently featured, to get the same sort of boost and there was definitely some frustration.

I really like the direction this Featuring is going and hope that they find ways to feature works at all stages (I especially love seeing them highlight works that were published awhile ago but, for years, overlooked.) Gives one a sense of hope and a belief in the “long game,” you know?


Ooh, I just saw this and I have to agree with @RainerSalt and @MiloMaia about the no notification if you’re featured. I totally support Wattpad’s belief in experimenting and testing, but can there be a balance with our desire to–as you guys constantly advise–work to build our audience?

It gets really tough to do that when so much is in flux AND the ratio of factors out of our control vs. those within our control is so out of balance. I don’t know, but not notifying us feels a bit dis-empowering and makes it even that much more difficult to be proactive. I’ve seen folks’ book blurbs and bios change within minutes of getting the notification and it always makes me smile to see that kind of pride displayed.

C’mon, @nick …A/B test till the cows come home with everything else, but can’t we keep that one little nugget? Dude, you’re so messing with our minds, and they’re often far too fragile as it is. :smirk:


Because I’m an evil person and soulless monster?


I was put on the Editor’s Choice List with no notification other than the wattpadexplorerbot adding me to a reading list.

It makes me wonder if I would even know what that meant if I was a newcomer to wattpad. Or what if I didn’t check my notifications for hours to days. Would I even see it within all the other notifications?

I happened to see it when it was at the top of my notifications, but I’d vote for an automated notification to my inbox. We take pride in it and want to know. :slight_smile: Just my 2 cents.


Sorry to be a negative voice but…

Finding stuff with basic grammar and spelling mistakes on the “featured” list was the main reason I essentially gave up on all recommendations made by Wattpad. Hosting such work is a service to your aspiring writers; featuring it is actively harmful to the site’s reputation.

As far as I’m concerned, failure to insist on even the most basic requirements means that Wattpad completely wasted the opportunity to convince anyone that there is quality content here and that Wattpad has people on staff who actually care about writing.

My response was “This featured list represents the best they can find on the site? If we’re already seeing this level of fail in the top one percent, then it’s hopeless. Either they have no idea what quality is and don’t care, or there’s no point reading anything else here.”


The application form is interesting though. Nothing ever fits really neatly into a set of categories, so there were going to be a few judgment calls no matter what, really. But it’s interesting to see where they are.

“MC age” for example: Now I have to pick which of several leading characters to call an “MC”, and in a different work I’d have to pick when in the story this age applies. Similar for “MC gender”, etc. I honestly hadn’t picked out any particular one of them to be “Main.” It just never occurred to me to do so.

I’m guessing the intent is to ask what demographic you’re most interested in appealing to or providing a point of identification with. At least that’s the guideline I’ll use to untangle the judgment calls. :slight_smile: