Incoming Changes to Featuring



Shh, you’re not supposed to reveal company secrets, Nick.


Nah…just the invisible hand that makes us all tremble in fear…muhwahahah…:skull_and_crossbones:


thats disappointing…i would like to know if i get approved. or get rejected…
i mean…at least tell us if we are approved…


It all depends. I know that Explorer Bot chooses a book and automatically messages the user with it being featured


just popping back in here again to give some feedback: i was featured (thank you! :partying_face:) and didn’t know until one of my lovely readers posted on my wall to congratulate me. it took me a while to find the list, i was v confused, and personally i would have loved a little message even if it was just from the person who processed my application/spotted me, just to tell me why i was featured and what they thought stood out about the story.

i understand that’s quite a bit of effort, but there are only 30 stories on the editor’s picks. could it have been doable? :blush:


You didn’t even get a PM from the Wattpad Explorer bot? You used to get one of those when you were featured.

It didn’t tell you anything but “This book of yours is featured for this amount of time.”


i didn’t get anything at all! i noticed that i’d suddenly got an influx of adds to reading lists so i was like ??? what’s happening, but the first i heard of it was the congratulations. :disappointed_relieved: so consequently i have no idea how long it’ll be featured for either, i guess!


Huh, that’s a little odd. :thinking:


my last two PM threads, one from 2 days ago and one from 6 days ago, are gratitude from me to a commenter and a book recommendation from a friend, respectively. curious. :woman_shrugging:t3:


The Explorer bot doesn’t send automated messages (that’s not a thing for us unfortunately).

As per its profile, it is a manned satellite, so someone is always controlling it, and that includes sending out the messages, hence why we’re able to test being notified or not. We just hold back on sending messages and record findings.


The age section is one of the few optional components of the application. If it has no little star next to it, you don’t have to answer it to complete the form. It has some uses in some cases but isn’t critically important.


Huh, I always thought it was automated. What about the Wattys PM? That wasn’t automated either?

You guys must be sending a whole lotta PMs. Damn!

Does anyone give out trophies if someone beats the record for PMs sent in a day/week/month?


Wattys aren’t automated either, every single component is done by hand, from adding the stories to reading lists to messaging every user to changing every profile in every language and on and on. Even getting stickers onto stories requires a manual component


Christ. That’s…

800 Longlisters
200 (plus/minus) Shortlisters
60 winners

1060 PMs in the duration of the Watty season. More or less.

And if you have 30 books featured just on the main list (as per the old system) and they all had 21 days. Then you’d be sending out an additional 521 PMs a year.

Okay, I’m starting to understand why you’re testing out if PMs should be a thing or not :joy:

*disclaimer - my math is likely off.


And what you list is only the English section. There were several languages running in parallel…


I had not even thought about that. Good point!


Also, I got 5 PM’s in total for my story that made it to the end this year… I guess this was standard for all languages.


@nick Maybe I like shiny stuffs (lol) but maybe having a badge for anyone who’s ‘featured’ be good? At least it’ll tells people :woman_shrugging:

Edit: As my new post said, I had to type fast so what I mean badge for temporary to those who got chosen and when it’s over, no badge and onto next one.


A badge that lasts only for the duration of being featured?

Should former featured writers get anything? c:


I think a badge would be a good idea, but like lumi said only for the duration of the featuring. It might get confusing otherwise. Despite being a former featured author, I don’t feel like either of my featured books should have any kind of badge saying they were once featured. My day in the sun with those books is gone. I can tell people I was once featured, but don’t feel like it needs to go beyond that.

But for current featured books it would show on the authors profile that hey, this book is featured! Without the reader having to go to the featured list to know that. Might also offset some of the confusion if they decide to no longer send out a message the author was featured. The author would see the badge on their book and realize what happened.