Incoming Changes to Featuring



Yeah. I don’t know how authors feel for temporary badge but at least maybe instead of PMs this might be a good solution? Unless it’s the opposite.

I was actually meant for temporary but I had lunch so had to type fast. :joy: But yes, I wouldn’t want a permanent but only those who gotten it and when they’re over, no badge and go to the next one.


A temporary badge would be kind of confusing? I mean, they’d have a badge on their profile and users would be like, “Wait, how come this has a badge but mine doesn’t? And where can I get a badge?” or something like that.

From what I’ve seen, it’s best to say something at the top of your story like “A Wattpad Featured Story”, something along those lines is personally easier


I think all that’s needed is a clear line of communication about what the badge is if its implemented. There can be a banner on the site where people can click and learn about what the badge is. I would t, ink it should appear next to books themselves to people can easily tell book itself is a featured story. Though i’m not opposed to the idea if people want it on their profiles. For effectiveness sake however, if its on the profile people would still ask "Which of said author’s works is featured? So I think a badge next to the book title can clear this up very easily as well as have an info tag on pc so when you hover your curse over it, the badge will say featured.


The way I picture it is the badge would say featured or editors choice or whatever wording they’re going with for the new featured lost. So it would be clear why the authors have that badge.

If they do stop contacting people to let them know they were featured, then the user could theoretically be on the list the entire time and not realize it. Thus they wouldn’t know to add “wattpad featured story” to their blurb. So an automatic badge would help offset that a little.


And if badge fails or tossed then maybe when a user clicks ‘read’ then inside the chapter, before you read the story…

Bam! :rofl: (But might be annoying if it keeps showing every time you go reading it)


i do not understand why we are talking about manually doing these things when it can be done automatically…

i mean sure, you say it’s a lot to do manually and i agree. but why is such a thing not automated?

it seems like it’s not even being thought of as something possible anymore…


What do you mean by this?


An automated email notifying authors that their story was selected to be featured should be simple enough. Have a template with just the author’s name and the title to be added. Load up the list, press send – this kind of thing is done in the business world everyday.

A ‘featured’ widget added to the title or whatever doesn’t seem that difficult either.


what wedgetail_blue said…


The best thing about Wattpad is - even if Wattpad doesn’t tell you -someone will!

With the Watty’s longlist, some messages were delayed and the authors got notified first by other users. This created interactions, follows and friendships between people who mightn’t have met otherwise.

It will also encourage us to congratulate authors - especially if they appear oblivious. I usually would mention it if I’m reading a story. Eg something about finding it on the featured list - but of course, this would be only on the ones I’m reading.


This is actually true. I was told of both the feature and anything Watty related way before I actually got around to reading my PMs.

The community can be super wholesome like that. :sparkles:


That’s amazing that users did that, props to them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve been mostly annoyed/disappointed by getting the “Badge” things.

I see that I have notifications and think somebody sent me a message or replied to a message or wants to discuss one of my books, or one of theirs, and then it turns out to be just some “you got a badge” message.

And usually, for something insignificant, or with a confusing/misleading title that leaves me thinking it’s mistaken. (Editing my own message is considered to be an achievement?! Really?! And the corresponding badge is “Editor”, when I haven’t even been ASKED to edit, or even critique, anyone’s work?).

Whatever. I figure sooner or later I’ll accumulate all the “badges” that are associated with the way I in particular use the site, and then the system will just shut up and let me get on with it, leaving notifications for messages that are actually relevant.


Wait, what? :confused: Are you talking about clubs or where? WP doesn’t have that?


The clubs badges. c:


If you’re taking about this community giving badges, “editor” is because you edited one of your posts.

The badges under discussion here are referring to actually on Wattpad getting one of those special W’s next to your name if featured.


Good, I was like ‘WP has a badge I didn’t know about?’ :rofl:


This whole site is “Wattpad” to me. Meaning, both where I’ve been getting the badges for insignificant things and where I’m having this conversation. And also where I’ve been writing stories.

You seem to be drawing some kind of dividing line between different parts of it. I don’t know why, nor what would fall on which sides of any such line.


This is what I was referencing for the featured and we were discussing that ‘badge’ not the clubs.

Well it started the time this club that moved in Discourse was in beta but the topic you’re talking isn’t part of this topic’s discussion? (Also there is no badge for stories either)?


What I mean is, I don’t know where any dividing line in your “badge” system is. In what way would any of the badges you’re discussing be different? IOW, not part of this topic’s discussion how? What would be different if it was?